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    The Pavilion of the Broken Horizon

    By Alexander Jack
    Sep 26, '06 12:09 PM EST

    The Pavilion of the Broken Horizon was the product of a design/build class under visiting professor Johan Granberg. The pavilion is a temporary structure on adjacent to Architecture Hall. The steel was generously donated by Rivers Metal Products, Lincoln, NE.

    The bodily conditions of being under, on, and above constitutes a particular relationship between us and our environment (loci). This gives us a spatial understanding of our surroundings. The Pavilion of the Broken Horizon operates on this idea of spatial relativity. The body understands gravity through balance. Balance is a complex process where gravity, velocity, bodily configuration, and center of gravitation are constantly recalculated and reacted to. Designing the pavilion according to the body's position in relation to the ground plane was an exploration of our perception of height and our understanding of gravity. The overall design of the pavilion gives users a sense of unbalance and makes them aware of the process of regaining balance. This concept was achieved in two ways: the arrangement of the columns and the feeling of unstability when on top of the pavilion. Once the users let go of their grip as they arrive to the top of the canopy they realize there are few reference points. The blue color of the ribs and the layers of the canopy structure (ribs, padding, web, and expanded metal panels) interfere with the eyes' perception of depth. This, along with the elasticity of the web, gives the users a sense of unbalance.









    • AP


      Sep 26, 06 12:33 pm

      not the sort of thing you can use as a coffee table when the studio's over, but very cool nonetheless!

      Sep 26, 06 12:35 pm
      Chili Davis

      I think Per might have been in your studio.

      Sep 26, 06 12:55 pm

      wow- the cornhuskers built something that columbia and sci-arc will be jealous over. nice work!

      so what was the process?

      Sep 26, 06 1:56 pm

      Hey, I see a few people that I recognize. Cheers.


      Oct 6, 06 4:03 pm

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