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    Blender Conclusion

    By Alexander Jack
    Apr 14, '06 1:52 PM EST

    The result of implementing the blender scheme. We (studio partner) chose to let the site talk. All we did was apply a translation and sort out the areas. In a way we are the "Rosetta Stone" for the Ham Yard.
    You can view the previous post here:

    Unrelated Question: Is there a way to post bigger pictures on Archinect? Is it always limited to 400 px wide?



    • AP

      in the image gallery the size can be larger/

      Apr 14, 06 3:32 pm
      AP your process there, in the student work section perhaps...that way we can get a closer look at the program matrix that you+ made and this sectional thing above.

      Apr 14, 06 3:51 pm
      vado retro

      waht does the water sculpture at millenium park have to do with the ham yard???

      Apr 16, 06 6:59 pm
      Alexander Jack

      You noticed the sculpture...good. It's not the sculpture but the idea and message the photo displays. That area of the program was designated for public/outdoor interaction. The Crown Fountain, in my opinion, was a successful scheme to implement interaction with public in an outdoor space.

      Apr 19, 06 3:51 pm

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