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    Computers impressive to the layperson?

    By Alexander Jack
    Jan 15, '06 10:28 PM EST

    In a conversation, when I tell someone I am an architecture student, the thing they seem to be dying to know is " you use computers and stuff for drafting?" I've gotten this response many of times, as if the computer is the most impressive thing in my profession. Why? I understand that I am part of the new generation of computer drafting/modeling and hand drafting is dying, but who doesn't use a computer in any profession? There must be some sort of aura(Walter Benjamin) of using a computer to construct and design.
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    • Daniel

      I've had the same happen. I think the image of the architect at the drafting table or standing with a roll of blueprints under his or her arm is one of those established cultural things.

      Jan 16, 06 4:17 am

      most people think designing a building is an easy thing, they could do it themselves. using a computer program, on the other hand, seems to beyond some people's comprehension, so that's what impresses them.

      Jan 16, 06 6:52 am

      be careful what you say, bigness, it is only a cntl-alt-del moment of time before the space odessay you describe is on the breakfast table.

      just think in only the last 3 years how the technology has change. its a coming.

      Jan 16, 06 8:46 am

      whats their explanation?

      Jan 16, 06 9:17 am

      i actually believe it has become more accessible than ever, and yet people tell me "so you're good at using computers..."

      not sure i understood your comment TED

      Jan 16, 06 9:34 am
      Alexander Jack

      I agree with all the posts, I believe it is beyond their However, I believe the way technology is progressing, architecture and computers will be married (and probably not by choice for some.) The important thing to remember is architectural creativity should be shown with the computer functioning as a "tool". And like most craftsman, their work is successful by working with the tool.

      Jan 18, 06 3:10 pm

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