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  • ACSA / AIA Exhibition of School Work

    By Alexander Jack
    Mar 10, '08 9:36 PM EST

    An exhibition of school work @ UNL


    It will be on display at both the ACSA Annual Meeting in Houston (March 27-30 2008) and AIA Boston (May 15-17 2008).

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  • UNL 2007-2008 Lecture Series

    By Alexander Jack
    Aug 8, '07 10:15 PM EST

    University of Nebraska at Lincoln Lecture Series 2007-2008Dwelling 07 Sept. 2007Jonathan SegalJonathan Segal Architecture + Development, San Diego 04 Oct 2007Bruce MauBruce Mau Design, Toronto 05 Oct 2007Winka DubbeldamArchi-Tectonics... View full entry

  • Design Thesis Final [exhale]

    By Alexander Jack
    May 6, '07 5:24 PM EST

    I just finished presenting my design thesis project. The last two months went something like this for me: mid-critique|baby|sell house|job interview|travel|present thesis|document thesis|present again for award|graduate. Here's the final product. It's been a great year....let me credit the... View full entry

  • Design Thesis .03

    By Alexander Jack
    Feb 3, '07 11:57 AM EST

    I am now entering the final stages of my design thesis project. I'm currently working on assembling all the information obtained last semester and am focusing on the architecture. Under the guise of my premise: -giving equal weight to sites that appears on the macro + micro scale (see the matrix)... View full entry

  • Christmas Reverie

    By Alexander Jack
    Jan 9, '07 3:37 PM EST

    Besides working, family, home/auto neglected repair, and fiancé attention, I built a new PC. For those of you that have an interest in computer building will understand; those that don’t bear with me. My (now ancient) Dell 8500 Laptop just isn’t cutting it for 3D modeling and... View full entry

  • Under Review

    By Alexander Jack
    Dec 12, '06 3:55 PM EST

    It is up to fate now. the 6th year terminal projects are under review by selected faculty members. It's an interesting process.1. The student gets a 6'x8' presentation space to display a semester's worth of research. No verbal presentation, just boards to explain your project to people often... View full entry

  • Susudio Fun

    By Alexander Jack
    Dec 3, '06 2:16 PM EST

    Just like everyone else, we're about 1 week out from the end of the semester, and needed a break from our projects. Therefore decided to invent Susudio. Susudio (our name, not the students) is a terminal project from a student last year. The model has been adjacent to my desk since the begging of... View full entry

  • Terminal Project .02

    By Alexander Jack
    Nov 18, '06 12:24 AM EST

    “Vehr ist the money Lebowski?“ The critique was both inspiring and tangential. What to do? take on pure formalism or functional based architecture? Before I go into this my critics were: Keith Sawyers Jeff Day Martin Despang Hyun Tae Jung Chris Ford In summary, I have been exploring my... View full entry

  • Architecture in Sci-Fi

    By Alexander Jack
    Oct 25, '06 12:14 AM EST

    I am researching metal surfaces for Materials class and I've stumbled upon a topic I've always been interested in. What is it about the sci-fi architecture that makes it so appealing? Either it's over expressed with mechanical ducts/lines/grates EVERYWHERE (Twelve Monkeys, Aliens, Brazil, The... View full entry

  • Terminal Project .01

    By Alexander Jack
    Oct 17, '06 11:25 PM EST

    I'm about 8 weeks into my 6th year terminal project. Thus far it's been mostly nose-in-the-books and hassling people for information, however, this is not an atypical process. Instead of looking at just the Macro site ( the level we employ typical architectural conventions), I am focusing on the... View full entry

  • First year Projects

    By Alexander Jack
    Oct 12, '06 3:09 PM EST

    Vinnie Chase (the lead character from the HBO series Entourage) remarked that Nebraska and the other Midwestern states are the "fly-over states." Running parallel to my terminal project, I am also teaching architectural rendering to first and second year students. The emphasis is to not only teach... View full entry

  • The Pavilion of the Broken Horizon

    By Alexander Jack
    Sep 26, '06 12:09 PM EST

    The Pavilion of the Broken Horizon was the product of a design/build class under visiting professor Johan Granberg. The pavilion is a temporary structure on adjacent to Architecture Hall. The steel was generously donated by Rivers Metal Products, Lincoln, NE. The bodily conditions of being under... View full entry

  • Design/Build Internship: 3

    By Alexander Jack
    Aug 14, '06 1:03 PM EST

    Continuation of my summer internship at Randy Brown Architects, Omaha, NE The interior wall stairs are completed. In keeping with the play of entering and touching the wall as the viewer ascends, the exterior stairs needed to be similar in nature, but provide a different material to traverse on... View full entry

  • Design/Build Internship: 2

    By Alexander Jack
    Jul 31, '06 11:14 PM EST

    Continuation of my summer internship at Randy Brown Architects, Omaha, NE After all the rigorous designs and construction documents, we jumped head first into construction. Although most of us had drafting experience on the designer's side, now was the time to switch to the builder's. The... View full entry

  • Design/Build Internship

    By Alexander Jack
    Jun 6, '06 7:49 PM EST

    For the duration of this summer, I will be posting about my internship here in Omaha, NE. I am working with Randy Brown Architects design/build program and am assigned to the McKinley Project (a residential addition.) The ten interns spent the first 2 weeks drawing, modeling, and designing... View full entry

  • Photoshop Experts Can Help Katrina Victims

    By Alexander Jack
    May 4, '06 1:36 PM EST

    Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) Needs help from anyone that can lend a Photoshop hand. Many family photo's have been ruined due to hurricanes or earthquakes. I know most of the Archinect users know Photoshop. Here's your chance to use it to help repair a family. Here's an e-mail from Dave Ellis... View full entry

  • Blender Conclusion

    By Alexander Jack
    Apr 14, '06 1:52 PM EST

    The result of implementing the blender scheme. We (studio partner) chose to let the site talk. All we did was apply a translation and sort out the areas. In a way we are the "Rosetta Stone" for the Ham Yard. You can view the previous post... View full entry

  • Process - Blender

    By Alexander Jack
    Apr 7, '06 9:35 AM EST

    Nearing the end - about a week left of a short project entitled Ham Yard. My partner and I created a mode to generated various interactions on the site. Since we had no program in the beginning of the project, our job was to find a way of finding out what the site needs. By taking all the adjacent... View full entry

  • Archinect-effect

    By Alexander Jack
    Apr 4, '06 5:43 AM EST

    Continuing my research on a site entitled Ham Yard in London, I did a simple Google search of "Ham Yard." To my surprise, my archinect school blog was in first place! So your archinect voice pulls more weight then you think...keep posting! View full entry

  • Thesis Proposal- Need references please

    By Alexander Jack
    Mar 30, '06 8:29 AM EST

    This is my current proposal for a thesis project. I'd appreciate any suggestions or leads to where to look for books or other information. I'm currently reading "Devices" by CJ Lim and web crawling looking for information. 1. Current Building Machine: To support the life systems inhabited. The... View full entry

  • Ham Yard Project

    By Alexander Jack
    Mar 20, '06 8:20 AM EST

    A brief introduction to our next 4 week project. I will be posting more about it soon. Location: Soho, LondonProgram: To be determined The site is really interesting. Just read some of the historyHistory Ӣ Soho was grazing farmland until 1536 Ӣ The name Soho first appears... View full entry

  • Final Project

    By Alexander Jack
    Feb 24, '06 4:30 PM EST

    The final Project. View full entry

  • Windsor/Eton Site Photos

    By Alexander Jack
    Feb 21, '06 3:01 PM EST

    Panorama's of the site. My partener and I are in final stages of design, so I will post the final outcome to our 3 week crash-coarse project soon. View full entry

  • Windsor/Eton Project

    By Alexander Jack
    Feb 20, '06 12:49 PM EST

    Windsor Athenaeum Windsor U.K. -- Home of the Queen. 3 week sketch problem The program is for the Town of Windsor and Eton. The site is located across a huge pedestrian bridge which supported by the traffic from Windsor Castle and Eton Collage. Interestingly enough the bridge is used on Saturdays... View full entry

  • Computers impressive to the layperson?

    By Alexander Jack
    Jan 15, '06 10:28 PM EST

    In a conversation, when I tell someone I am an architecture student, the thing they seem to be dying to know is " you use computers and stuff for drafting?" I've gotten this response many of times, as if the computer is the most impressive thing in my profession. Why? I understand that I am... View full entry

  • Corn and Beef -vs- Fish and Chips

    By Alexander Jack
    Jan 10, '06 1:45 PM EST

    Greetings, I will be soon posting on my study abroad experience in London. The perspective will be from a midwestern student in the most expensive, massive city in the world. Also view my progress at Best, Alexander Jack View full entry

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