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    Under Review

    By Alexander Jack
    Dec 12, '06 3:55 PM EST

    It is up to fate now. the 6th year terminal projects are under review by selected faculty members. It's an interesting process.

    1. The student gets a 6'x8' presentation space to display a semester's worth of research. No verbal presentation, just boards to explain your project to people often unfamiliar. One 8.5"x11" Arial 14pt font explaining your project.
    2. After I pin it up, three faculty members at random review it and decide whether the student is in schematic design phase for next semester.
    3. The jury will throw a flag if the student is questionable.
    4. The student flagged has a chance to present their project to the entire faculty. Concluding the 15 min. presentation, the faculty takes a silent vote to whether the student is able to continue into the last half of their terminal project.
    5. If the student is chosen not to continue, they are placed in vertical studio.

    The flagged students find out tomorrow if they need to present. I am confident in my project but non-the-less, this could be interesting.
    Three specifications for the final one architecture solution next semester

    *bonus photo: This was taken right next to architecture all on campus. It was around 11:00pm and a fellow student runs into the studio..."Is there any reason why the sunken gardens are on fire?". Of coarse I grab my camera and run out side and start shooting (after calling 911). Interestingly, no one was around (except for architecture students) so we just casually strolled around the fire and photographed, very surreal. The building you see in the background is Philip Johnson's Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery.
    no Philip Johnson buildings were harmed in this photo.


    • va bene

      Good Luck!

      Dec 12, 06 4:49 pm

      wow. a sudden death review. this could be just the ticket for that architecture school reality show we were discussing recently!

      Dec 12, 06 5:36 pm
      Alexander Jack

      Yes! I always thought that an architecture student reality show would be a perfect idea (although I hate reality shows.)

      Dec 12, 06 9:13 pm

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