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    abstract columbia 3

    By Eduardo
    Dec 17, '06 10:51 PM EST

    well its always like this, am always here until Mark Taylor kicks me out and locks the studios. DAMN. Anyway some of my friends on the abstract have not posted yet so I' ll upload tonite whats available...

    first Waterman ( dude I know u but I dont know ur name, sorry i guess ur not part of the chinese small eye brotherhood) and my hommy Li Xu, from the super productive Hawkinson studio...I think these guys' agenda was to drive the design process through experimentations with digital fabrication techniques....but i could be wrong





    then from my studio, Sara Valente.....who moved from urban mazes to mmm I think using the materiality of the boardwalk to activate the vacant lot near the parachute tower....I might me wrong again so dont pay too much attention....




    and finally the most impecable project from our studio.....Braddington ( or is the Bradley?) Prescott III. His stuff is a study on role revertion. An underwater aquarium where fish stare at people, pick the one person they like, "fish it" and then have him or her for dinner. Jokes aside, a very interesting project. Good job Bradley ( or is it Bradford?)





    • cool work. thanks, eduardo.

      i'm much more able to understand the usefulness of the digital model in the hawkinson studio example and in the aquarium example than i am in a lot of 'digital' projects i've seen. (nice tho to see some hand-drawing mixed into to the development sketches, too!)

      Dec 18, 06 6:58 am

      hot. i love the last section, i kind of want to skate it

      Dec 19, 06 1:06 am

      hmmm now that you mention it Yam, Braddington is a skater I think. At least he dresses like one

      Dec 19, 06 2:11 am

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After 6 years working at a commercial firm in London and setting up my own practice with collegues from the AA to deliver a comission for a tower we won in India, I am embarking on a new adventure as studio leader for a local firm in China, trying to reconnect with the experimental mind set I used to have during my days at GSAPP

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