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    By Eduardo
    Sep 6, '06 2:21 AM EST

    Ok, I am starting this blog in Fall, so just before I go much further into posting Fall stuff, I think a quick "Summer Semester Highlights" is appropriate...

    So, I took 4 classes, Studio, Metropolis, FUDD Maya/fabrication and Hernan's seminar.

    Metropolis turned out to be really good in the end. I got an embarrassing Fail/Low Pass grade on mid term, which made me go into overdrive for final, where I got a sweeeeeeet High Pass. I guess the Fail grade was due to the way in which we write papers down in
    South America (Ecuador). But anyway, researching for the final paper was great, particularly using Avery, believe me it is a huge library. Fudd Maya I have to say seemed like a waste of time. I mean the people involved obviously are super knowledgeable in the matter, is just that the format is really kind of....stupid. Well, not integrated maybe is a more polite adjective. I only did learn Maya when I started to do my studio stuff with it. Fabrication was a pretty cool class. Phill, Toru and the rest of the TA's were very cool. Although it was mainly a class to get to know how to use the machines (water jet, 3d mill, laser print, 3d printers). I initially thought there was going to be some kind of theoretical input on techniques or processes to convert two dimensional media into 3 dimensional stuff. But everyone turned in some cool projects.

    Phill on final review with all the stuff

    ABS plastic 3d printed piece

    3d milled foam prototype

    water jet cutting glass (Jon's project)

    final wood prototype cut on the 3d mill....from 10pm to 8am

    Hernan's seminar, Special Effects of Form was mmmmmm not what I was expecting. Very good to learn Maya, but I thought it lacked some theoretical cohesion. Nevertheless the name of the seminar says it all.

    first cellular linkage....check out the wiki link to see what that stuff ended up looking like...

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After 6 years working at a commercial firm in London and setting up my own practice with collegues from the AA to deliver a comission for a tower we won in India, I am embarking on a new adventure as studio leader for a local firm in China, trying to reconnect with the experimental mind set I used to have during my days at GSAPP

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