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    one quick pre-mid-term post...

    By Eduardo
    Oct 12, '06 5:50 PM EST

    well mid-term is on the 18th. I had to send these bunch of ideas to Cook, to get some feedback for the actual presentation. I am trying to look at a scenario where consumers will drive their architectural products by their personal needs/desires etc. (which I sum up in the word capitalistic, as in free market etc) And how this particular movements affect the built environmet on the site and the other nomadic units. Symbiosis is the condition I am "forcing" into the scenario ( in this case always mutualistic) and the effects I am developing ( cause it all comes out of my imagination, this is nothing more than a 3d novel) are modification of program, tectonic arrangements and material interchange.





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    • mar_

      these look good. Damn complicated though! I guess I won't be going for Cook's studio next year after all (if he's still there and provided I get accepted...)

      Oct 20, 06 6:39 am

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After 6 years working at a commercial firm in London and setting up my own practice with collegues from the AA to deliver a comission for a tower we won in India, I am embarking on a new adventure as studio leader for a local firm in China, trying to reconnect with the experimental mind set I used to have during my days at GSAPP

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