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    Kant and competitions

    By Eduardo
    Feb 5, '07 1:45 PM EST

    its been a long time. I did not have a f@cking vacation, just working on and on. Now its studio time again and I feel spent. I got into Reinhold Martin's studio. Since I am an architectural bimbo, I guess this was the best option to theoryze my stuff. We are reading Kant, Haegel , Marx and other "dudes". Reinhold recommended that we enroll in Joan Ockman's rethinking form seminar, which is......pretty intense, I hope me provincial ecuadorian brain doesnt get fried with all these things.

    Over the break I worked with a professor in a rather "cool" project, as soon as he puts it up on his website I'll post a link.....

    My particular project this semester will be a house in Bangalore. Exploring form through aesthetic values alien to me. Is beauty truly "subjective and universal at the same time" as Kant says? (WTF does that mean?, does it mean that "COOL" is cool here and anywhere? lol)







    And.....Congrats to my fellow Columbian's Somnath Ray and Jose Munoz Villers for their 1st and 3rd place in Evolo's 2007 Skyscraper competition......I only got a mention.....maybe next time.



    • Francisco David Boira

      This is great Eduardo! It will be quite interesting to see how you deal your inherent approach within this type of studio. Keep it coming!

      Feb 5, 07 2:23 pm

      Francisco, u graduated here huh? I remember a couple of years ago looking at ur stuff in (was it hernan's studio?) back home in south america. Pretty cool , I ll keep posting....

      Feb 5, 07 3:46 pm
      Francisco David Boira

      Ha! thanks...yes I did, times fly! ; )

      Feb 5, 07 4:40 pm
      Francisco David Boira

      *It's nice to see your model made with the laser cutter instead of instantly going for the 3d printer. Seems to inform better the overall formal studies, and allow for more interaction right?

      Feb 5, 07 4:41 pm

      yeah thats basically Reinhold's approach. 3d printer is hotness, but sometimes the easness (?) hinders any further play that you might engage in with your study models

      Feb 5, 07 5:00 pm
      vado retro

      Abimael Guzman was a Kant Scholar...

      Feb 5, 07 5:02 pm

      Hey Eduardo.. saw this Blog today for the first time... its great... was good to see familiar faces and the people again. cheers

      Feb 5, 07 7:35 pm

      Looks like a squid, be nice to see its further development

      Feb 5, 07 7:54 pm

      kudos again Somnath...

      Feb 5, 07 9:03 pm

      Brotha I fucking love your work. But Hegel? Kant? is this intro or are you reading them in like a know-thy-enemy kind of way?

      Feb 6, 07 12:47 am

      Well OE, I basically came here to strenghten my weak points (to train in jargon and over thinking basically) So I sort of chose this studio because I am driven by aesthetics and I wanted to really dig down the surface of it. I am always kind of ironic in my posts, but I have to say I have learned A LOT here, and the wonderful thing is that I have learned a lot of real architecture stuff. So in a way, it is a "know-thy-enemy" kind of thing but motherfucking Kant/Hume/Marx/Hegel///Darcy Thompson/Rene Thom/Jared Diamond//// are surely smart people. How do I distribute my time though? reading vs. making? well, for me intelligence is inbeded in you, and you just unleash it through making. So basically I make, and then read Kant, just to get a confirmation of what the making already told me.

      BTW. Thanks for the support Brotha

      Feb 6, 07 7:00 am

      No no no, I didnt mean it that way. I think its astounding the tack youve taken without diving into all that stuff. Its a good base, but those specific guys, thier ideas were so, ick, dialectic or something. I mean they were great for their time, but its still stuck in this enlightement compartmentalizing of everything, really kind of timid and alien. Hussurl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, I think you'll like those much better.

      Anyway, careful though, it will change you. I cant wait to see where your work goes with it.

      PS, Jared Diamond is great though. I still cant quite reconcile it with memetrics and all that, but such a nessesary read.

      Feb 6, 07 11:37 am

      more things to read OE! come on man I need time to go to the gym!

      Feb 6, 07 11:51 am

      ha ha maybe next life ;)

      Feb 6, 07 1:03 pm

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