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    Columbia GRass

    By Eduardo
    Sep 14, '06 11:25 PM EST

    Well its been a while, I kinda have been busy this first week...Good thing, I got all the classes I wanted except Tschumi' least his TA sent me a very nice generic "we liked ur essay" email. That was so sweet of her. Anyway, my classe are:

    Studio>>>Peter Cook
    Comp Crit Anal>>>Kenneth Frampton
    Mat pot>>>Alisa Andrasek
    Liv Arch>>>David Benjamin & Soo-in Yang (cool guys)

    I dont know why but I have a feeling this is going to be a very ROBOTIC / HAND MADE semester, we'll see...

    Aside from that we AAD are just begining to experience real Columbia. I mean summer was really DEAD, now the campus and specially Avery are FULL! but its good for us foreigners to get a feeling of big american university. One shitty thing is my studio space its all scattered, not concentrated as my summer class, but nothing is least I seat next to a window which looks down college walk and Columbia's well kept green GRass...



    • MADianito

      seems u will see a lot of BLOBS during the semester dude...

      Sep 15, 06 4:40 am

      wow peter cook and frampton, i will be interested to see your progress throughout the semester.

      best of luck!

      Sep 15, 06 8:11 am
      vado retro

      is that the first day that chick laid out? god im that tanned.

      Sep 15, 06 8:24 am

      so jealous.

      Sep 15, 06 1:12 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      make sure elliott doesnt embarass himself in front of the freshman ...

      Sep 15, 06 7:08 pm

      too late Arjun....too late

      Sep 15, 06 8:59 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      well, some things never change ...

      Sep 16, 06 2:50 am

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After 6 years working at a commercial firm in London and setting up my own practice with collegues from the AA to deliver a comission for a tower we won in India, I am embarking on a new adventure as studio leader for a local firm in China, trying to reconnect with the experimental mind set I used to have during my days at GSAPP

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