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    Ben van Berkel and other past due stuff...

    By Eduardo
    Oct 2, '06 10:00 PM EST

    Well its been two hectic weeks. A lot of visitors from back home. Van Berkel was here giving alecture on his MB building. The thing was alright, altough many wanted to hear about some new stuff or some old unfinished stuff (Arnhem central). Anyway, the building looked amazing ($$$$). BUT, here goes the comments. First he insisted that he wanted to achieve more than an extrusion of his triple-loop infinte diagram>>>I personally think he failed ( and why was it a 3 pointed thing and not 2 or 4?). Then some dude remarked that the building was no (seamless) "manimal" as he said he intended it to be, because it had constrcution "seams". To this van Berkel said that all buildings need this stitching. I agree with Ben, but dont you think that the Y strucutres that hold up the glass bands look and act symbolically as exactly that? as stitching? My point is that he shouldnt confine himself on trying to do the manimal all over the project, he could have a very interesting project mixing Picasso, Bacon and Manimal....just a thought.

    people reading De Landa onthe line for the lecture

    more people, more line

    Ben a dude and Wigley

    1,2,3 ...from diagram to floorplan

    heavy stuff



    oh yeah and the next day we had Ole Scheeren on CCTV...

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