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    final review ....just perfect

    By Eduardo
    Dec 8, '06 1:45 AM EST

    well i ve been a total blog jerk. but i have to say they whip the shit out of us here so.....anyway, am kinda zombishhh right now so am doing some little comment on the final jury

    so we had, Lebbeus Woods (asked to peter peronally by urs truly) , a couple of other Cook friends, Hernan Diaz alonso and Mark Wigley.
    The review was very interesting, with a looooooooot of input from Lebbeus and a lot lot lot of very very very smart comments from Hernan. He never ceases to amaze me on how smart he is ( just in case, am not one of his grouppies) anyway, we got the whole 8 hours on tape so maybe i can post some higlights.

    i havent posted anything since way before mid term so i ll just post my last shit and later i ll post process.

    the project is basically a system for rapid urbanism driven by consummer demand.





    man, i just cheked out the images on site....they look tiiiiiiiiiiiiny feaking


    • geimanj

      That looks cool and insane. Like a mosquito hatching. Some explanation may be in order. Very parasitic.

      Dec 8, 06 4:09 am

      Eduardo, congratulations man!

      I had Hernan yesterday for my review as well, and he was on top of his game for sure (at least for my project).

      you're right about the images, you should put your stuff on flickr or even upload to GSAPP somehow and give us hi-res links. the prints were huge and loked great in person.

      it's crazy we're 2/3 done with AAD already

      this is John B by the way

      Dec 8, 06 8:54 am
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      BUGS!!!! COOL!!!!!

      Dec 8, 06 10:47 am

      hernan diaz alonso.... i am so jealous.

      Dec 8, 06 11:58 am

      your drawings seem (at least at this scale) reminiscent of lebbeus woods' work...they also seem to have been done by hand...i would like to see them at a larger scale...

      Dec 8, 06 1:06 pm

      very nice project, seems like you capitalized on your time with peter.

      Dec 8, 06 1:13 pm
      maya mcdifference

      i was at your review - you're right they do "they whip the shit out of us here". your studio had an amazing jury and some really impressive work. i'm personally still recovering from the final review "hangover"

      Dec 8, 06 5:01 pm

      it's strange how anonymous archinect feels, and then to know that several people at any random project review post here.. it's odd.

      i feel all cold and spied-on inside.

      shaybug, how did your reviews go? you're M.arch 1, right?

      Dec 9, 06 10:38 am

      for reals man, there is a couple of Columbia people here o n the shoolblog, i found out my nextdoor neighboor was here!

      Dec 9, 06 10:53 pm

      I wanna see these images....bigger!

      Dec 10, 06 2:25 pm

      yes bigger images please. from what i can tell, it looks interesting as hell. you've got to get a kick out of having all of these folks toot your horn for you. but impressive really.

      Dec 11, 06 2:52 am

      muy interesante. me gustaria ver estos imagenes en alta resolucion.

      Dec 11, 06 12:59 pm

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