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    Peter Cook studio, or: analogue vs digital at Columbia

    By Eduardo
    Oct 2, '06 10:37 PM EST

    Ok, so after having researched about Archigram for my Metropolis paper last semester I was super stoked to have COOK for studio critic. Plus I wanted to do some parasitic-robotic-analogue-digital project, so
    its all good. As you would imagine, this guy is just hilarious. I dont know who makes me laugh the most, Frampton or him. Anyway, Cook comes in every other week, and the week when he dont come, we send him stuff over the net. His co-teacher Jeffrey Johnson is a pretty knowledgeable dude, so we feel well catered. The interesting thing is that our site, Coney Island is pretty complex, and to make things more complicated....there is NO agenda, NO program, No nothing, just come up with your own shit. And we all know that that is the worst case scenario. Therefore we have been struggling a little bit to get things moving but, we had a mini pre mid-term sort of crit today with some dudes from the Bartlett and an Aussie who won the Parachute Pavillion contest. Happily everybody did good, we were all stoked.
    I have to comment that a couple of people including me have presented so far, (and apparently will keep on ) in a analogue / digital way. This Hugo dude showed some wicked pen drawings, and just yesterday I saw same kinda shit from a friend of his from CALPOLY, so kudos to those cali people. Another girl from class came to the crit with this clay "blob" which she said was a sort of 3d sensations diagram. Sounded cool. I for one have been trying to come up with a 2d-3d collague + photoshop kinda medium. My thing is all about considering my roaming "architecture-units" as consumer products, like cars or ipods or shit like that. This guys move around Coney under the desires of their owners or by local market fluxes (e.g. a merket unit will move from surf av on weekdays to the boardwalk on weekends) But, as they change hosts ( surplus spaces, left over strcutures, pier, etc) They carry/leave stuff, by it materials, tectonic behaviour, program, PEOPLE etc etc. So you can imagine me trying to trace all these dismembering freaks of architecture as they jump and intermingle.






    So the design process is hybrid to sort to speak. But I guess the cool thing will be to merge even more the digital with the hand stuff. Although my PC was jealous the other day, it decided just to freeze out. I guess to much hand stuff was going around it.....



    the digital school / paperless studio


    • not_here

      jealousy ensues.

      Oct 2, 06 11:04 pm

      Check out Studio 8 - CJ Lim's drawings (also from the barlett)

      not entirely digital but your analog part remind it me of them.

      Oct 3, 06 7:32 am

      thanks Ludwig, I was actually looking for them, Cook said the same thing

      Oct 3, 06 1:10 pm

      fucking ironic. I'm listening to Godspeed, "sleep" when the old guy is talking about coney island... freaky. the exact moment I open your link. I need to buy a lottery ticket.
      "they dont sleep on the beach anymore" do you know godspeed?

      Oct 3, 06 10:42 pm

      wow, dont know them, but am sure gonna check it out...if i dig them theyll maybe end up in the collages

      Oct 4, 06 1:46 am

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