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    So tough...

    By Eduardo
    Sep 6, '06 8:37 PM EST

    Just came back form the lottery. Tough shit. I mean almost all of the options were just unbelievable this semester. Before entering Wood Auditorium I thought Karl Chu was going to be my first but damn. I ended up like this...

    Roche (tres cool)
    etc etc....

    On a more stressing note, once again we are asked to summon a paper to be allowed the pleasure of taking a theory class. This time is with Kenny Frampton. So I guess Its competition till the end...


    Karl on Speed

    Lise Anne

    Francoise Roche aka hello kitty

    Francoise's passport after he turned it into a "grey" flower.

    Speaking of Francoise's work, I couldnt help to notice how it formaly resembles HDA's stuff. And that whole robotic thing just blew my mind. Plus I was cheking his FEIDAD stuff, the 1:1 pavillion looked like some of last semesters 3d prints in HDA's studio. So I was wondering why is HDA more "known" .....mmmmmm maybe is US exposure, and maybe that is why Francoise is here now......


    • MADianito

      Francois is amazing person, i had the oportunity to chat w/him a couple of times, and from that + knowing their work (+SiE) i have the impression he would be an amazing studio option

      Sep 7, 06 5:29 am

      You should talk to some Upenn peps from Francois's spring studio. He was not received well at all for various reasons. You're right on with Cook - though i would have placed lisa ann and hawkinson way down - speaking from experience of course.

      Sep 7, 06 9:06 am

      so who did you end up with, eduardo?

      I was placed in Francois's studio, which was first choice, but I didn't know until after the fact that studio met thursday instead of friday for now...and from my understanding, he won't be back in america until the 23rd. sucks for me.

      Sep 8, 06 8:58 am

      well misterTT, I got Cook, so I am pretty stoked. Seems that a lot of people got what they wanted. What do u think about the visual studies man? So many incredible options, I was overwhelmed. I hope I get into Alisa Andrasek's or Cory's and then Toru's/Chris'/Roland's

      Sep 8, 06 10:29 am

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