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    Lottery at GSAPP

    By Eduardo
    Sep 6, '06 1:55 AM EST

    Well, in regards to classes, the studio list goes like this:
    -Laurie Hawkinson
    -Gordon Kipping
    -Andrew MacNair
    -Lise Anne Couture
    -Karl Chu
    -Kazys Vernelis
    -Francoise Roche
    -Jurgen Mayer
    -Peter Cook
    -Yolande Daniels
    -Paul Byard & Craig Konyk
    -Alisa Andrasek
    -Yehuda Safran
    -Thomas Leeser
    -Richard Plunz
    -Hernan Diaz-Alonso

    The best surprises for me were Francoise Roche and Peter Cook (I hope it is Archigram's Peter Cook and not Christie Brinkley's )

    Aside from that it seems that the most sought after elective this semester is going to be Tschumi's historical/theoretical, Architecture: The Contemporary (from 1968 to the present)

    Supposedly 18 is the max capacity, we will see......


    • MADianito

      if u ask me, i will try to get w/ Lise Anne, Francoise Roche (great guy), Leeser or Jurgen Mayer...but yeah there's plenty there, and i dunno what's their studio subjects, so u will know better fo' sure

      Sep 6, 06 6:28 am

      I 'd go for Thomas Leeser or Peter Cook. I think it's Archigram's Peter Cook, what has the other one got to do with Columbia?Cooky used to be in charge of the Bartlett's MArch program, he's supposed to be retired now but I guess he can't live without teaching. I'do also consider Laurie Hawkinson

      Sep 6, 06 8:01 am

      Kazys Vernelis and Jurgen Mayer should also be interesting...that's quite a list we have to pick from!

      I guess we'll see at the 4:00 presentations; it's nice to know we've got at least one AAD blogger this year.

      and about the Tschumi's crazy that we have to jump through hoops of resume submittals and essay writing just to know if we're worthy of his tutleage.

      Sep 6, 06 10:05 am

      hey mar, mmmm I was trying to be funny with the Brinkley stuff...;)

      Sep 6, 06 10:58 am

      I know

      Sep 6, 06 2:00 pm

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