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    Today we start again...

    By Eduardo
    Sep 6, '06 12:44 AM EST

    Summer semester for the AAD pack was intense. Many complained about the short amount of time and the heavy workload ( some studios more than others). But in general I think everyone was happy with the outcome. I took Mark Rakatansky, and boy was that a tough studio. Mark was always there Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2.00 to 6.00 (sometimes 7 or 8). And the one time he did not come ( his basement was flooded) he called us and gave us phone crits! carzy. So everyday was like a final, super sharp crits, so some of us became a bit stressed hahahah. Nevertheless in the end it was soooooooo sweet man. Everyone of us had super solid projects and the final review felt as a Jamba Juice strawberry whirl smoothie....
    Crazy thing was that although we did good with the critics, none of us was 100% satisfied with the final presentation! Talking over that matter now we have figured out that there was so much work we did, and so many things we learned, that what we showed in the end, was kind of limited. But all in all, great semester!



    • Arjun Bhat

      eduardo, i don't know why you associate yourself with a ruffian like elliott, but i'd be careful if i were you - he's trouble.

      (i'm an old classmate and friend of his)

      Sep 6, 06 1:02 am

      yes yes now I know. Never get into a taxi cab with him when he has had a couple of drinks, and keep him away form talking to the homeless people...

      Sep 6, 06 1:08 am
      Arjun Bhat


      Sep 6, 06 10:06 am

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After 6 years working at a commercial firm in London and setting up my own practice with collegues from the AA to deliver a comission for a tower we won in India, I am embarking on a new adventure as studio leader for a local firm in China, trying to reconnect with the experimental mind set I used to have during my days at GSAPP

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