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    By Ted Rzad
    Apr 21, '06 2:09 PM EST

    As twilight descends upon my time here at CCA, the pressures of completing my Thesis work are morphing into a caricature of itself. The relief of the end of tunnel light, the excitement for possibilities ahead, and just some nice, sunny weather are keeping the ghouls of anxiety from whispering too many ill thoughts in my ear as I amass a mountain of spent #11 blades.

    A fascinating Grad Theory Seminar completed last night. Led by the brilliant Michael Bogan, we explored writings on the emergence, manipulation, and persistence of patterns in nature and science while distilling our ruminations into Maya animations. Densely intellectual to be sure, but I gleaned a deeper understanding of the evolutionary and environmentally programmed elements in my own sensibilities that both drew me to architecture and continue to serve the aesthetic and intellectual pursuits within my work.

    Unfortunately, this seminar runs from 7-10pm on Thursday nights, causing me to miss Cameron Sinclair presenting his new book on the work of Architecture for Humanity. Sorry, Cameron. It seemed to be going well when I cruised through the event to get a bottle of water.

    In related news, I have been selected to be a Design Corps Fellow for 2006-7. My wife and I have been planning for me to do a year of career enrichment after completing my M.Arch, and this looks to be a fine way to combine my architectural and photographic skill set with community service and social justice. Check out their site and feel free to ask me any questions about my motivations and interests in this fascinating and effective program.

    Design Corps, along with Urban Ecology and Public Architecture (thanks Jess and John!), both San Francisco architecture and urban design-based social advocacy groups, recently put together an incredible symposium, Structures for Inclusion 6, bringing top practitioners in community design together to discuss not just what ”˜ought' to be done, but what they have successfully completed. The tool box of the architect can be as socially relevant as that of the medical doctor, yet is most often utilized to either aggrandize the resources of the client of the aesthetics of the designer. Check it out.

    ALSO, who will be the next CCA Archinect Blogger(s)?! Come on: it's fun, it's great networking; plus, it'll make you more attractive, smell better, build models faster, and people will actually think you're cool!


    • Cameron

      you missed an open bar lecture.. damn you must have been busy.

      Apr 21, 06 7:07 pm  · 
      Ted Rzad

      I know, I know....are going to present anywhere else in town before heading out?

      Apr 21, 06 7:13 pm  · 

      nope. I'll be in town on May 16th then again in June.

      Apr 21, 06 9:53 pm  · 
      ted's wife

      Um... Ted, the CCA blog DOES NOT make you smell better

      Apr 21, 06 10:08 pm  · 

      ted, your're making cca seem like berkeley c. 1974, with all the socially conscious crap and all, what about any good design at the final reviews and such...

      May 6, 06 4:37 am  · 

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