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    It's getting hot in the kitchen

    By Ted Rzad
    Feb 13, '05 11:19 PM EST

    Thinking of frying pans and spinning plates”¦this two studio thing is getting interesting. IDEO wants interviews with strangers about their notions of “home”, and Skin Studio wants full size mock-ups of curtain wall details from Renzo's Academy of Science. I think the speedboat is finally up on a plane.

    The forefront, however, is the search for the summer internship. I've worked already; I'm nearly done with IDP. This internship should be different. This is my only summer as a student, meaning that it's my only chance for a job selection rubric free of the analysis of benefits and long range opportunity. I can select on the basis of project, office location, and/or starpower.

    Perhaps someone could weigh in: How much is a big name on the res worth? Should I look for the most interesting place, one that would be difficult to take a permanent position in? My spouse has a great job and we love San Francisco; is this my only chance to work in Europe or Africa?

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    • tsadrianne

      I don't think it will be your only chance, but it is certainly an opportunity that is difficult to pass up. I already told you all of this though.

      Feb 20, 05 4:08 am  · 

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