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    feelin' the love

    By Ted Rzad
    Jan 31, '05 12:35 AM EST

    This B-Tech semester is coming along well. The tech part of making buildings is so instinctual for me that it hardly feels like work. I wonder how I'll feel on that subject later in the semester, though”¦

    We just had desk crits in my Skin studio with a Structural Engineer from Ove Arup. She was incredibly sharp, explaining everything in that clear and succinct way that so many engineers are naturals at affecting. Curtain walls are so cool”¦.

    The repose is the IDEO home studio. Free-form with a focus; it's a great chance to use the verbal brain to explore what is “home” these days. I live in a tiny place to save cash. It's simply where my wife and I sleep and keep our fairly minimalist possessions. This fair city is our home; the parks, cafés, etc. are our spaces for solace. The twisty asphalt ribbons lining the coast are my home when I'm twisting the right grip on my MZ Skorpion, sounds of spent combustion booming off of the rock faces. This studio is unearthing non-place notions of home and I love it.

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