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    sweet, sweet slumber

    By Ted Rzad
    Feb 5, '05 8:57 PM EST

    Big deadlines in both studios during the same week; dang. Today (Saturday), I've done pretty much nothing and have loved it. My wife's at a trapeze lesson and I'm chillin'.

    Great lecture this past week (at CCA): Stephane Pratte of Montreal-based Atelier In Situ Great process and inter-disciplinary projects.

    The sleep deprivation thing has already started up; I am slipping into zombie mode. Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it a requirement that in order to do great architectural work, one must be a workaholic? My spouse is very understanding, but some of my classmates are not as lucky. Thoughts?

    I worked as a designer for 4 years before coming to school and this program. I thought I had the time management thing pretty wired, yet I still stay in studio way late. I guess that inspiration doesn't always follow a schedule.

    Boy, am I getting sleepy; must be time for another nap”¦(gotta get it while you can).


    • kenny

      We visited the offices of Atelier In Situ last October. Amazing work from an under-rated Canadian practice. They need a new website though.

      Feb 6, 05 11:34 am  · 
      Ted Rzad

      Yeah, the site is a bit hard to read due to its undersized scale. Blown up, one would see that it's an elevation of one of their installations and instead of a column grid; it's a time line, organizing the featured projects in relation to their chronological context. Stephane used this graphic device in his lecture presentation graphics quite effectively.

      I agree. They do great work.

      Feb 6, 05 4:47 pm  · 

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