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    Passing the Torch

    By Ted Rzad
    Apr 5, '06 12:23 PM EST

    As the end is in sight, one order of business remains to be resolved: who will take over the CCA blog?

    I've had a good time with it, and it's been a great way for those interested in learning more about the B.Arch and M.Arch programs to get insider info.

    I've been asking around, but as of yet, no takers. Why the reluctance? It only takes a couple of minutes per post, Paul's made the interface very easy to navigate, and it's a chance to record your experiences going though that epic canon of the architectural career: SCHOOL. I've met 30 year veterans who still refer to experiences had while toiling away in studio. "Back in my day..." Yeah, when you had to draft on stone tablets...

    Anyway, someday I'll be that guy spinning tales about my 2 very condensed years at CCA, and there will be the Archinect blog available for Tall Tale fact checking. Why pass this up?

    It's not super competitive, and there's more than enough room for multiple bloggers from the same school. Why not have a face off between the B.Archs and the M.Archs? On second thought, perhaps we should save that for Pay Per View.


    • musty!

      i'll take over.. give me the torch.. just make sure i get accepted for spring 2007 =)

      Apr 6, 06 1:48 pm  · 
      Ted Rzad

      let me talk to my people...

      Apr 6, 06 2:58 pm  · 

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