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    unstuck in the middle

    By Ted Rzad
    Mar 3, '05 12:08 PM EST

    The last 10 days have been fraught with peril. Sleep deprivation lurking in every shadow. Deadlines in 2 studios, plus design project deadlines in my other two classes falling within a week of each other. Torrential rain and the resultant water in the carbs inherent in riding a little-too-racy-for-daily commuting bike rain or shine. Having to identify the corpse of my recently theft-recovered previous motorcycle was a highlight. At least the police found it on my birthday.

    It is precisely from in between these obstacles that inspiration can spring. For me, the interstitial reprieve occurs during the autopilot duties of each day. Something about brushing one's teeth dislodges ideas along with the plaque. This past week, no less than three ideas for studio work have popped out minty fresh. Good thing, too, as I was getting a bit stopped up and deadlines wait for no man. Fortunately, the sketchbook is always close at hand.

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    • General Dissarray

      "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."


      Mar 3, 05 6:50 pm  · 

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