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    Thinning the bookshelf herd

    By Ted Rzad
    Aug 4, '05 12:00 PM EST

    The joy of moving is upon us. In pondering how to cram our copious possessions into a downtown shoebox, 5 years of Architectural Record, Architecture, and Contract seem not worth moving, especially since I can roll down to CCA post graduation and scan articles as needed.

    Thoughts? Donate (to whom?), sell (how much?), dump in the Bay along with my old paint cans and used motor oil collection?


    • Darren Hodgson

      Sell them on Ebay, don't ask me how much for though, I would have no idea...

      Aug 4, 05 2:13 pm  · 
      Louisville Architect

      run a study on the economics of our national logistics/shipping industry.

      package all of those mags, paint cans, and cases of motor oil up in one very large box and overnight them (saturday delivery) to maple grange antiques in waldoboro, maine.

      post the shipping receipt here for us to review.

      Aug 4, 05 3:25 pm  · 
      Ted Rzad

      that's an awesome idea..., though I think a craigslist ad may be more realistic.

      Aug 4, 05 6:04 pm  · 

      as soon as you get rid of them you will not just want them but need them. They are a resource and should be treasured as such, honoured instead of family, chosen instead of food. But if you sell um I will buy them. Never heard of contract - any good? I'll give you 100 pesos for the whole lots 150 if they're worth reading twice

      Aug 4, 05 11:19 pm  · 
      Ted Rzad

      cool, architechnophilia. they're in my recycling bin right now if you want them...are you in san francisco?

      Aug 4, 05 11:31 pm  · 
      Ted Rzad

      that's rich...especially the warning against 'mantropy'...

      since we're moving to a high rise apartment, i'm giving up a garage and workbench. this is a bit hard to swalllow, as I was a mechanic prior to and during undergraduate architecture school. i guess one must grow accustomed to a new way of life after amputation...

      Aug 5, 05 10:41 am  · 

      you can check how much they are worth by typing in their isbn numbers on and on
      its really easy and you can get a good idea of their current worth.
      then, you can set up an account with amazon and sell them. its really easy and reliable. i've done it and it worked really well. i was surprised of the high value some of my books had and of the lowball figure of some of others... if you undersell, they can go pretty fast. you can let archinecters know your seller id on amazon and you may get a few sales through us...
      good luck.

      Aug 6, 05 11:14 pm  · 

      Ted sorry i'm not in San Franny actually pretty darn far. But I like books and spend the bulk of my spare change on them. You could also donate them there should be a local library that might want to name a wing after you "the rzad architectural reading section" has a nice ring to it. Good luck on that

      Aug 7, 05 10:32 pm  · 

      how's the new semester going?

      Oct 8, 05 6:54 pm  · 

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