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    By Ted Rzad
    Mar 16, '05 8:39 PM EST

    One of the canons of CCA is the opportunity for interdisciplinary studies. It's a major reason why I chose CCA of my other opportunities, and as such, the reason I enrolled in an additional studio as a free elective. The studio, taught by members from IDEO, overlaps architecture students with industrial design, interior design, and furniture design.

    We've just had a final crit responding to meditations on the life cycle as observed out at the beach and through objects found at a salvage yard. The pix below are of my classmate Alex Ryan's (Furniture Design major) installation. He hung a vintage grade school swing from the seismic lateral supports 40' above the floor of CCA's main space. The green is actual grass sod.

    I swung a lot as I was up way past midnight last night as well as working everyday for over a week on our NAAB visit, part-time CA assist for a great local project, and cranking toward my main studio's final for this Friday ”¦

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