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    Final final

    By Eduardo
    Apr 29, '07 7:21 PM EST

    As always am going to stick to my tradition of all images no explanation, because condensing all the thoughts of the semester would be impossible. So am going to attach to the new modus operandi of finals....dont tell us ur process just show us the goods......

    Nevertheless I have to say that all the work of the semester has being based heavily on Joan Ockman's, Pier Vittorio Aureli's and Mark Cousin's seminars. I have a couple of essays from these classes that might englobe the interests and doubts that were persued in this project. I really dont know where to upload them, so if anyone is curious, help me out there with some instructions.

    On the more matter of fact side, since this was a theory BUT fabrication studio, I can summarize in a couple of bullets

    *translation of digital modeling into concrete models via the machines

    *requestioning the role of representation methods into the design process ( e.g. when Zaha used to paint)

    *Bretch's epic theater, bearing the device etc etc

    *Are blob's and continious surfaces dependant of the designers will or of Maya?

    *The box infecting the blob from within.

    *The blob separated from the actual architecture and seen as spectacle /// empty form //// (e.g. Loose ---tomb and monument)





    • very spinal...makes me think of the people of Lilleput living in the spine of a giant (where my mind went when reading the story) from Gulliver's travels

      Apr 29, 07 8:52 pm

      Wow great work. Is that plaster? I love plaster, and it looks like you really found out how to exploit it.
      Im looking forward to the Year End Show. Will I get to see this there?

      May 7, 07 5:02 pm

      yes end of the year show, we are building it. It is actually blue foam, milled on both sides (we only have a 3 axis mill) and then painted white.....

      May 9, 07 12:02 am

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