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    Accreditation Party

    David Zeibin
    Feb 3, '06 12:55 PM EST

    UBC is being accredited starting tomorrow and going until Wednesday. Been through an accreditation at your school lately?

    As regulars of this soapbox might know, I think architectural education needs to be reworked from the ground up (pun completely intended), so I find this kind of exciting. I mean, I'm not naïve - I know nothing will change after said visit - but the prospect of change is invigorating on its own.

    However, apparently my studio work from last spring has been lost (they were collecting projects last year in anticipation of this visit), and even though it was just my posters and a model that was quite crappy and I have decent pics of it, this annoys me to no end.


    I have no classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this term, which is great. But it makes me stay up late on those days, which kind of ruins me for Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. But the sleep on those other days: priceless.


    I wish this had actually been built, so we could have seen exactly what the outcome would have been...



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    • corbu-esque has been built all over the place. hell i live in a version of le ville radieuse (it is quite nice, surrisingly, though it looks god awful).

      Feb 3, 06 7:50 pm  · 

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