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    When bands break up...

    David Zeibin
    Jul 25, '05 12:27 AM EST

    ... I get sad.

    I just discovered that one of my favourite bands - ever - broke up. I hadn't paid much attention to them recently, because they just released an album in 2004, and, you know, it usually takes bands a couple years or so to pop out another solid one.

    Anyhow, the band is Despistado, of Regina, Saskatchewan. Their official site is even defunct, but you can still check them out at Jade Tree (the first Canadian band to ever be signed to this seminal indie label):

    I have special promo/pre-release of the first album, and I just downloaded (legally) the most recent one - which they dropped while announcing it was time to quit.

    Obviously, this has nothing to do with architecture. It's an odd feeling. I only saw them live once, but something about this "suicide note" of an album is painfully inspiring.

    MP3s (via Jade Tree):

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    • bigness

      man, i feel your pain, motorpsycho parted ways with their drummer and i have been waiting for news ever since...

      Jul 26, 05 4:55 am  · 

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