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Sep '04 - Apr '06

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    Getting down to business...

    David Zeibin
    Sep 6, '04 4:45 AM EST

    It was two weeks ago that I was finally getting to bed the evening before the Drawing Workshop, after a week of fretting.

    Prior to formal classes beginning each September, the UBC School of Architecture (SoA) hosts two workshops for new MArch students. The first is an optional, intensive four-day Drawing Workshop designed to introduce archtectural drawing styles to students without a strong background in architecture or drafting. The second is a week-long Intro Workshop which, through numerous activities and assignments, serves to introduce new students to the study of architecture and helps to familiarize them with the city they will be studying in (Vancouver, in this case) from an architectural standpoint.

    As of this writing, I have finished both workshops and I am currently finishing up my final assigmnent (due Tuesday, the first day of classes) from the Intro Workshop.

    I'll spend the next few posts explaining how each workshop went. I probably won't go into as much detail on future posts, but since these workshops offer many first impressions of the UBC SoA, I feel it's important to detail my thoughts as they happened.



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