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    School nearly done

    David Zeibin
    Apr 18, '05 11:40 PM EST

    We have our last exam tomorrow. Consider the following exchange over e-mail, formatted in chronological order for your viewing pleasure (these are all different people speaking):

    > hi guys.
    > i have misplaced the list that says what chapters we covered in Allen and
    > CMHC... could someone please please please quick jot down for me the
    > #s (or page#s where necessary)???
    > thank you!
    > it's time to break out the page-tabs again.
    > cheers,
    And so it begins with another rousing night of... E-MAIL!


    Allen: chapters: 1-6, 7(pp228-244), 12, 16, 18, 19, pp 321-331

    CMHC: pp. 17-158, pp 198-215

    The readings are to be completed before the lecture on the date indicated at the latest.


    I think she was being serious about having the readings done on time.
    I don't find it funny.


    Relax, it's summer time.


    Indeed it is. Maybe I'll wear flip-flops to the exam tomorrow.

    Anyone want to give me the gist of the building code lecture (I was CNC'ing
    for DM2)? I got the handout and all, but what did she talk about? Anything
    specific in these fascinating docs?
    Anyone want to come over and drink scotch and play poker?
    Liquor... gambling... Tyvek... sounds like a great combination to me.
    add some peel n stick and some spray foam and we got ourselves a party


    Architecture school is filled with good times. I am going to have a fun-filled summer though. Just got my 21" monitor fixed and GTA is waiting to be played, among other video games I've been neglecting for the past four years. I'm employed, though, so I guess I have to do that at least...

    With love,


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    • mitra

      are you really serious about architecture school being "filled with good times?" are you on crack? i wish i had crack when i was going to UBC school of architorture.

      Apr 28, 05 3:21 pm  · 

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