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    David Zeibin
    Sep 2, '05 3:17 AM EST

    I keep forgetting: the UBC SoA is no longer. For a number of reasons (most of which I can't really remember) the school of architecture and the school of landscape architecture have merged, making it SALA: the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. I think part of this whole merger thing also recognizes the BENDS program (Bachelor of Environmental Design) as formally offered by SALA. And that's neat too.

    I think it will be good for the school(s).

    I've been working, but many of my cohorts have spent the last week prepping meals for the new first-year architecture kids as they barrel through the intro workshop (they had their drawing workshop in four days the week previous). It's a weird year, though, because they have 15 students (of 45 admitted) that are getting some pretty serious advanced standing. In our year, not a single student was able to skip ahead in any studios. And now, these advanced folk will essentially be dropped in with our crew.

    Not that it matters, though, I suppose. This morning, I finalized most of the details surrounding my co-op term, so I'll be for sure working until the end of December.

    Here's the digital postcard for the SALA GALA happening next Tuesday...



    • driftwood

      Are those 15 mostly students from the ENDS program?

      Sep 2, 05 6:29 pm  · 
      David Zeibin

      I believe only 2 are from the ENDS program.

      Sep 4, 05 12:42 pm  · 

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