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    Do you know where your First Aid Kit is right now?

    David Zeibin
    Feb 10, '05 4:09 AM EST

    I can think of three separate occasions when someone has cut themselves fairly seriously in the studio since September. In fact, one person ended up at the hospital on Monday getting bandaged up.

    Any good/gorey X-acto/OLFA stories?


    • David Cuthbert

      check the discussion pages - hear about me being stabbed in the head with a no2

      Feb 10, 05 8:19 am  · 

      just don't get blood on the models!

      Feb 10, 05 11:17 am  · 

      No good gorey stories, but last year half the people in my studio ended up at emergency with severe olfa cuts (one person twice!). after it happened to me i e-mailed our facilities manager to request first aid kits in the studios and he responded that it was strictly against school policy to have them! they are a liability since they defacto admit that we are working with dangerous tools, so as long as there are no first aid kits no one should be working with knives, right? he wouldn't even give us bandages...

      Feb 10, 05 12:30 pm  · 
      dan beckmann

      a few years ago, a girl I know ended up in the emergency room three times in 48 hours - once she sliced off a piece of her finger, another she got super glue in her eye, and i don't remember the other one. she always got soooo mad at me because my (male) hands were always in perfect condition - soft, and no cuts or bruises. but then again, i wasn't as insane a model builder as her.

      Feb 10, 05 12:55 pm  · 

      a guy cut his thumb off with a chainsaw. walked back to the workshop. lit a ciggarette, took a big drag then asked for some ice!

      cool as f**k totally unphased, maybe in shock, but knew if he freaked out there would be blood all over the models!

      Feb 10, 05 2:00 pm  · 

      actually it was not a chainsaw it was a hydraulic ram/splitter for large timber.

      the chainsaw one was when a chainsaw bit flew off and hit a guy in the eye, apparently 2-3mm further and it would have killed him. glass eye.

      not good

      Feb 10, 05 2:02 pm  · 

      mmhhh i learned that olfa cutters should be prohibited after 2 me ur school will save a lot of money in emergencies

      Feb 10, 05 4:24 pm  · 
      david basulto

      i always cut myself the night before exman when i'm almost done with the last model

      Feb 11, 05 10:34 pm  · 

      what we need as architecture students is some kind of fine chain mail glove, to stop all razor cuts, and limit damage generally!

      HATE cutting myself making a model, what a waste...

      Feb 16, 05 7:24 am  · 
      Ms. Pudding

      A guy in my year cut his thumb with a dremel. Cut himself pretty deep, supposedly you could see the bone through the wound. Anyway, he wrapped it up and left it like that. Refused to go to the hospital until a few hours later, he had lost so much blood that he broke into a fever and turned very pale. He was promptly driven to the hospital by another student.

      Another classmate crazy glued his fingers together and instead of going to the hospital, began to cut away at his flesh to seperate his fingers. Oh dear.

      Feb 22, 05 8:12 pm  · 
      David Zeibin

      That is gross.

      Feb 22, 05 8:33 pm  · 

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