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    David Zeibin
    Mar 25, '05 8:48 PM EST

    Hi everyone,

    I am sorry I have not posted in a long time. A big reason for this has been a general unhappiness with my work. I'm a highly self-critical individual, which can be quite annoying, even to me.

    Anyhow, I realized I haven't shown you my home for this term. I have a window seat (click on it to make it big):


    Usually we have something called Good Times, a small event every Friday at about 5pm where we get together, drink some cheap beer, snack on snacks, etc. I think many schools have such an event (I know SCI-Arc does, for example). And as with others, ours are also thematic. This week, since it's Good Friday, we had No Time For Good Times on Thursday instead. I was feeling good after a decent desk crit, so I got a beer but then sat back down to read the service manual for the giant, broken 21" CRT I just bought for cheap (you can see it on the left in the above pic. I'm in the process of fixing it. Sometimes having an engineering degree is handy). While I did that, though, everyone else was painting eggs:


    The stand for all the eggs was apparently whipped up in the shop in about 5 minutes. I think everyone did a pretty nice job.

    Last, for now, here's a shot of the Transparencies studio having a pin-up. To prep them for final reviews in about three weeks, they've been having guest critics in every two weeks or so. And they've been using a lot of Plexiglas. Good, expensive times, yes?


    Actually, here's last. It's Christer. He's of Swedish heritage and he has no idea I took this picture of him and posted it on the Internet. I'm sure he'll find out soon. When I visited the Eames house in LA, I bought him a postcard that had nothing but a bowl of eggs on it.


    Good Times, indeed.

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    • nicomachean

      pleasant idea - good times, where everyone takes off their stress dress and sits naked in common inefficiency.

      i bet there was some uber-pontification in during the egg crits!

      Mar 26, 05 1:48 am  · 

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