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    Behind in school, behind on the blog...

    David Zeibin
    Sep 18, '04 9:18 PM EST

    All applicants to the UBC SoA were made aware this was a very intensive program. I was skeptical, to an extent, coming from an engineering program that required at least six classes per term (sometimes seven) for the entire four-year program; we were at school from 8am to 5pm just about every day. Would it be intensive compared to that, or intensive compared to a regular five-course-per-term university degree?

    Architecture school is a lot of work indeed, but it's certainly comparable to teh workload of my previous degree; hence, I'm coping reasonably well. Here, days start at either 9am or 10:30am with sit-down classes in the mornings. Scheduled studio time runs every afternoon from about 1:30pm to 6:30pm, but that time is flexible and formal meetings with your studio supervisor vary throughout the week.

    This weekend is the second one since school formally began, and I'm trying to take it easy while still getting work done. I have three regular classes, plus the studio: Architectural History 1b (1900 onwards), Themes in Architecture and Design, and Design Media I. I'm waiving the first-year Architectural Structures course – since I took all the math stuff back in engineering – so I'm working on the history class instead.

    I have a lot to talk about so maybe I'll try to split this into separate posts...

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