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    By Daniel_Linder
    Jan 23, '06 7:00 PM EST

    ...and the confusion is great: For the first time here I was encouraged to work just as I did at my old school back in germany, that is: Forget about the site (we were not even given one yet), make some diagrams of your concept and develop the form and the rest after that. I was totally flabbergasted to say the least: Such strong conceptional work with everything else considered second important was a nice twist - maybe there is still hope for the old TU Darmstadt... Otherwise all is progressing well, the assistants are nice and nobody got his head ripped off up to and including today. The only nagging question that remains is how you can put art and commerce and a component X together in a meaningful way when you don't even have a site and no spatial relationships or constraints whatsoever. The given freedom here proves to be the challenge on which we will be measured in the first pinup. I'll post the reults as soon as its over.

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