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Sep '05 - Feb '06

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    getting started...

    By Daniel_Linder
    Sep 28, '05 4:36 PM EST

    i received today the email with the log in for the school blog project and decided to start right away. there is a lot of work being thrown at us this semester but the topics are promising. in studio the design revives the defunct notion of a monumental guggenheim museum for new york city. this time the place for the design is governors island in the direct vicinity of manhattan, renamed "utopia". the task is to design an iconic building that has "[A]rchitecture" with a capital a written all across. to support the studio i chose to just sit in two historical and theoretical classes in addition to the one i am taking for credits. the subjects are "traditional japanes architecture" (prof. kunio kudo), "the history of architectural theory" (dean mark wigley) and " theories of self-organization and the dynamics of cities" (prof. manuel delanda). the practical lessons this semester are photography with prof. erieta attali and later in the semester material potency with prof. alisa andrasek. i will post material according to the progress in class, starting this week.


    • rajish

      I think Reinhld Martin has so much to offer, good luck, and I look forward to hearing more about the studio and seeing some images.

      Sep 28, 05 4:54 pm

      thank you! right at the moment the air is burning because there is so much to do at the same time. We have pinup every monday so there will be lots of stuff to post to the blog. the project is moving from totally structured / gridbased to something fluid / amorph. i am really looking forward to what will be coming out of it. every desk critique by reinhold martin gives the thing a new spin that is sometimes pretty unexpected. the nice thing for me is that i am pretty much the learning-by-doing guy and that i am now getting trained in all the historical / theoretical background while going along. and who could be better than reinhold martin for this purpose? :-)

      Sep 28, 05 8:48 pm

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