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    Midterms coming up...

    By Daniel_Linder
    Oct 19, '05 1:40 PM EST

    Now the midterms are coming up and i hope to contribute on a more regular base to this blog. I still have to figure out how the stuff with the images works but I thinks I can post at least writing more often because finally the new laptop arrived after my old one fried itself after an excessive render orgy... :-)

    The studio is going well, after producing three projects in three weeks that were concerned with getting the visitor lost by design in a positive way in the museum while using strictly geometrical architecture I switched over in the fourth week onto a more non-linear design. Now I am happy and want to see where that takes me. I am applying a system that was developed for buildings with a lot of activity inside them by Gregory Martinez de Riquelme and me under the tutoring of Sulan Kolatan in our second last year at TU Darmstadt back in Germany. The result has a similar topology than the last two projects that I experimented with in with this matrix but the differences are definitely visible. I am really interested where this will take me. Probably this is my way of finding a personal solution to the question whether a serial production of unique designs is possible.
    More to follow - and as I titled my last Pinup:

    "Well done earthlings - next time you win!"


    • AP

      lost by design...sounds interesting, care to elaborate?

      Oct 19, 05 5:34 pm

      Sort of the situationist "derive" where you experience your surroundings new by getting lost by design, letting yourself become adrift. I think in a museum this can be a nice concept to immerse oneself in the art (helped by the building and the roomqualities) until one loses the concept of time spent there. I tried to induce this state in the third project by strong repeated geometric designs and am now in an experimenting stage with my non-geometric form where the drift might become a journey of wonder about the unusual form and geometry and flowing organic rooms. This is not my main interest in the project but it is an important effect that I don't want to neglect. If you have any readings or suggestions I would really welcome it.

      By the way: Until I can figure out how to post images I also post them on my regular blog on but I think I'll leave the theory for this blog.



      Oct 19, 05 9:54 pm

      nice....check out Louisiana, an art museum in Denmark.

      Oct 20, 05 11:29 am
      here is the architecture section of the site, with a plan...the strength of this particular museum, imo, is the indoor/outdoor/aboveground/belowground meandering character. I've never spent so long at a museum and not been spent and dying to leave.
      Oct 20, 05 11:31 am

      Thanks, that really looks interesting! I am thinking also about doing something different underground than above, but that is not more than a thought at the moment. Also not fully investigated is how the free form racts to the "stranger" in the form of the field of glowing imagecubes outside (I took them from a former project that dealt with a landmark in NYC and introduced them as twin cubes on the island as a strong geometrical field sourrounding the building of the museum. I like the contrast but I am not yet sure whether this is the last word or whether I have fully taken advantage of the possibillities of the organic / regular form tension.

      Oct 20, 05 11:51 am

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