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    "...all slime mold cells were created equal..."

    By Daniel_Linder
    Oct 30, '05 8:40 PM EST

    That sentence is one of the nicer quotes from an article about the power of selforganization in nature ("Emergence" by Steven Johnson). The article is a recommended reading for our class of generative components taught by Alisa Andrasek which will start next week. Until now the impression is that we will do a lot of tiling and mathematical scripting but the article is hinting of more to come. The only problem with the course is the tricky and still bug ridden software but the introductory weekend seminar was one cool trip into math basics combined with raw 3D. Lets see what comes out of this, maybe we can learn a bit from the slime mold... :-)

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    • bigness

      dictoyostelium discoideum rule!
      (that was so geeky of me...)

      Nov 1, 05 1:58 pm

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