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    New photos on the alternative blog

    By Daniel_Linder
    Jan 23, '06 6:50 PM EST

    As the images on this blog can only be small and I want to keep the archinect blog more centered on theoretical issues anyway I decided to post my images that I made for photography class only once and submitting here only the link. The other blog I keep is more object- and result-oriented than this one so there might be some material there that could be of interest to those of you who are reading my theoretical ramblings here. The link is , comments there as well as here are welcome.


    • Christopher Daniel

      Just checked out your photos. Nice stuff.

      May I suggest you think of getting an account at Flickr? I signed up a while ago and am really a fan. Great place to store your stuff, share it with mates and also get it seen by a massive community.

      Fairly soon I plan to re-start my blog here on archinect and post plenty of links to relevant flickr pages. In the meantime, here's a link to some photos from my fieldtrip to Budapest in October:

      (right. I've commented on a couple of other people's posts. Now to re-start that damned blog...)

      Jan 24, 06 7:56 pm

      Thanks for the roses... :-) I just looked at the flickr page with the Budapest images. They are very nice! Did you think about maybe photoshopping a selection? They might even become better, at least that's what I found out with mine. What I post is only the cap of the iceberg. even before photo class at Columbia I selected very rigorous what I wanted to be seen outside. In the last six months I shot about 6000 images here in New York and on the fieldtrips but all in all they are for private amusement, into the web only those made it that you can see here at Archinect or blogspot. Keep the nice work up and I hope to find the link to your blog here soon.


      Jan 24, 06 8:23 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Actually, a lot of those are slightly photoshopped, although most of the time I keep it quite simple (desaturate, increase contrast, that kind of thing). I view my pictures more as a record of a time and place than as any form of artwork. Also, I think that so much can be faked these days that there's something nice about a picture of the real world that has only been improved to make up for deficiencies in my photography, not the view itself.

      My pics are also the tip of an iceberg, albeit a larger tip on a smaller iceberg!

      I'll post something properly soon. My blog is looking sadly undernourished right now...

      Jan 25, 06 11:28 am

      I started to really get going with photoshop when I was asked to correct the deficiencies of my Lens in the final image. The curvature at the border of the images became in some images quite substantial so I tried to correct that for better results. Sadly my camera seems in that respect not so very good at all (I am using a Sony DSC-F 828 digital camera) although I am in all other respects quite happy with it. The only other issue is the size of the thing but as I am nearly never without a small backpack that doesn't matter that much. The thing you bring up about the use of images is nearly the same with me: As i posted earlier most of my images are for my personal fun and for the sake of documenting the places I have senn for myself. Those that I work over are the ones which I think have artistic potential and which I want to present to others... there are few enough sadly because mostly I feel like a war-photographer on the fieldtrips: Take images while running because there is never enough time to really chose without being shouted at for always lagging behind... :-) But sometimes there is just that image waiting to be taken and as I always carry a camera I sometimes get lucky. So, enough for now, I have to prepare for studio.

      Jan 25, 06 11:47 am

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