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Sep '05 - Feb '06

  • "design your ride" competition - please vote!

    By Daniel_Linder
    Feb 20, '06 12:33 PM EST

    i just submitted my images to the "design your ride" competition that was brought to my attention through archinect. i posted exact instructions on how to vote on my blog . i would really appreciate it if some of you would find the five minutes in a coffee break to vote for my designs - if there are any other archinect bloggers or users who also submitted designs please let me know your details or post them in a comment to this post - i'll also vote with a "5" for you then. let's get those boards on the road to win! as a short reminder: time is of the essence - there are only six days left to vote.
    and most important of all: thanks to all who take the time to vote - you rock!

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  • Ten books every architect should have on her/his shelves

    By Daniel_Linder
    Feb 3, '06 12:40 AM EST

    In the seminar by Jeannie Kim "Architects and their books" we were encouraged to write a personal list of ten books that we thought every architect should own and have on her/his shelf. So here is my go at it, I would be delighted if any of you would post their favourites. But please consider that... View full entry

  • polemic versus contemporary german architecture

    By Daniel_Linder
    Feb 2, '06 5:34 PM EST

    after realizing that the time of my studies would soon be over i took a look at some german offices that a friend of mine was friendly enough to recommend to me and i got profoundly sick. when hearing that we germans were known for owning the latest design knick knacks including the latest and... View full entry

  • Studio has started...

    By Daniel_Linder
    Jan 23, '06 7:00 PM EST

    ...and the confusion is great: For the first time here I was encouraged to work just as I did at my old school back in germany, that is: Forget about the site (we were not even given one yet), make some diagrams of your concept and develop the form and the rest after that. I was totally... View full entry

  • New photos on the alternative blog

    By Daniel_Linder
    Jan 23, '06 6:50 PM EST

    As the images on this blog can only be small and I want to keep the archinect blog more centered on theoretical issues anyway I decided to post my images that I made for photography class only once and submitting here only the link. The other blog I keep is more object- and result-oriented than... View full entry

  • studio lottery - ups and downs

    By Daniel_Linder
    Jan 19, '06 8:30 AM EST

    The new semester is coming up and it started with the usual studio lottery. This time there were many interesting names with interesting proposals for studio topics or destinations for the Spring break Kinne trip but in my opinion in every proposal something was off. As I talked with my fellow... View full entry

  • One down - three to go

    By Daniel_Linder
    Dec 13, '05 8:51 AM EST

    The final presentation for this semesters studio is over now (only the seminar papers have still to be submitted now) and I wish to thank Reinhold Martin for his amazing studio, the critics for their benevolent discussion of our studios and my studiomates for their help in making this studio so... View full entry

  • "...all slime mold cells were created equal..."

    By Daniel_Linder
    Oct 30, '05 8:40 PM EST

    That sentence is one of the nicer quotes from an article about the power of selforganization in nature ("Emergence" by Steven Johnson). The article is a recommended reading for our class of generative components taught by Alisa Andrasek which will start next week. Until now the impression is that... View full entry

  • lets see - maybe I still get it with the images...

    By Daniel_Linder
    Oct 29, '05 12:48 AM EST

    After seeing that it MUST be possible to post images (well, others are doing it) I will try again. So here we go. If there is no image following in this post I think I'll have to live with the label of a DPU (dumbest possible user)... :-) The images shown were taken during a long and very... View full entry

  • Midterm confusion (I got myself lost by design and still am...)

    By Daniel_Linder
    Oct 29, '05 12:33 AM EST

    The following text is a repost from my origninal blog where all my images for studio and the other seminars are. If anyone wants to see the images that go with it have a look at . I would rather post them here but as there seems not to be a sensible way to do it I'll have to... View full entry

  • Midterms coming up...

    By Daniel_Linder
    Oct 19, '05 1:40 PM EST

    Now the midterms are coming up and i hope to contribute on a more regular base to this blog. I still have to figure out how the stuff with the images works but I thinks I can post at least writing more often because finally the new laptop arrived after my old one fried itself after an excessive... View full entry

  • getting started...

    By Daniel_Linder
    Sep 28, '05 4:36 PM EST

    i received today the email with the log in for the school blog project and decided to start right away. there is a lot of work being thrown at us this semester but the topics are promising. in studio the design revives the defunct notion of a monumental guggenheim museum for new york city. this... View full entry

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