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Sep '05 - Feb '06

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    lets see - maybe I still get it with the images...

    By Daniel_Linder
    Oct 29, '05 12:48 AM EST

    After seeing that it MUST be possible to post images (well, others are doing it) I will try again.
    So here we go. If there is no image following in this post I think I'll have to live with the label of a DPU (dumbest possible user)... :-)
    The images shown were taken during a long and very enjoyable talk in the studio with Reinhold Martin. It was long but worth every minute. I got at last the impression that he has as much fun with our projects as we have and when he admitted that the task to create an utopic Gugenheim is pretty much impossible that was the breakthrough of the day: A lot of worries of being inadequate to the task were gone in the same instant and the work on the project could begin with renewed energy. Now there can be a repositionig that was impossible before with the split between the two opposite positions that we tried to bring together in the projects. Everybody is now rethinking in terms of whether the building should be more utopian in nature or more "Guggenheim". Lets see where that leads us.


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