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Jun '05 - May '06

  • H-O

    By Marlin
    Jun 8, '05 8:08 PM EST

    top photo: Los Angeles River @ 110 freeway circa 1999. note the Amtrak car in the backgroundHaighter Monday morning I phoned Double to borrow the crane arm for a tripod. “Why do you need it so bad?” No questions. I race back along the mile stretch between our apartments off of... View full entry

  • T-G

    By Marlin
    Jun 5, '05 1:39 AM EST

    TiradeI walk up to the homie Joe�s desk and pore over his beautiful, artfully and anally crafted final model for a midreview. �Damn, Joe, This is a dope ass study modelï¿Â&frac... View full entry

  • N-S

    By Marlin
    Jun 3, '05 5:18 AM EST

    New SouthThe single drawback to transferring to SCIArc was the twofold increase in Gen Ed requirements, which amounted to an extra semester of college. Because SCIArc is a specialized university, Gen Eds offered are nil. Having let my Gen Eds slip until the last minute, I had to attend the spring... View full entry

  • A-L

    By Marlin
    Jun 1, '05 12:05 AM EST

    At First and second place in competitions generally tend to go to: 1. The Best 2. The Unique. In 4B competition studio I cheated and went for unique, primarily because I'm not supposed to know the aforementioned proverb.Buttafly I use the same email address I received my senior year of high... View full entry

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