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    By Marlin
    Mar 31, '06 6:18 PM EST

    Dear Brad:

    Welcome G! If architecture had a Variety magazine, this would be our full page ad! Also, our studio is hosting Fridays@5 this evening. Please consider stopping by for the free mohitos and bonfires. We're waiting to formally tell you in person that your're already a welcome addition to our clan. Dont believe the hype! Contrary to the conclusions of Archinect discussion threads, per capita, more beautiful women attend SCIArc than UCLA! Come on down! Tell 'em Uncle Butter sent ya!

    Your Pals



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      Marlin, you are always so right on, how can you leave us? Brad, welcome.

      Mar 31, 06 9:08 pm  · 
      Mason White

      for marlin:

      Mar 31, 06 11:57 pm  · 

      Youre leaving? I just got here! The Croquis cover is tops. My wife and i are still laughing.

      Apr 1, 06 1:32 am  · 
      David Cuthbert

      the photo of Lenny doesn't do just to the stuff he's actually done so far to be fair...amazing though, because I still fell off my seat in shock at the sight of the Brad El croquis

      Apr 1, 06 7:53 am  · 

      Jam: It still makes me chuckle. Although, i didn't understand the Lenny Kravitz Croquis until i googled Kravitz Architecture. I guess they're right: all we have left to offer the world, to legitemize ourselves as architects, is meaning and substance.

      10pm: Leaving? Graduating. After that, a school blog becomes null and void. Kaput. Besides, I was praying someone else from SCIArc would have decided to start a log, or otherwise that i would just decide to stop, but i didn't, and Steven Purvis stopped. And rightly so, i should have as well.
      The blog after the summer entries, to some degree, stopped being a "voyeuristic view into SCIArc," and became an existential (read: personal, not hired) exercise for developing a method of writing. Shit, that makes it sound grossly overeducated. Maybe it was. I don't write these like a blog. I type a bit here, a bit there, and they spin around until they unbrella under a common theme. Then they get cleaned up. I have a boatload of essays to post, but the temporal dimension of blogs is critical. That is to say, after i graduate, they're not really SCIArc logs anymore, or otherwise I cant add stories about personal academic goings-ons, which are important to the narrative threads. So, i dunno.

      Mason, I'm holding the joke a minute longer, so need a better photo of you than the one on your flickr site. Otherwise, this
      "EL CROQUIS: MWA" Edition won't be cooked up to your approval. It's you, me (my high school yearbook photo), and the 80's show Night Court's Bailiff, the famous Marsha Warfield. Look out bitches, she flows better than Zaha.

      Cauley, you're okay. If ever you're down, think of Brad having his first year study model stepped on by a tenure professor:

      "At this scale, i expected to see a fly'e eye view of your model. Why are there no flies in your sections?"


      "You should have drawn the fly showing me where this perspective was taken from."


      "The flies, you should have drawn the flies, because all i see is a pile of shit."


      Apr 2, 06 1:11 pm  · 

      Yes thanks, I am. And we’ll all anticipate your shift of profile here.

      Apr 2, 06 1:32 pm  · 

      Congrats on graduating. Can you add a link to your log if your post your essays somewehere else? I finished your blog (mostly at work!) and was interested if you could post some of your studio work. I like your writing and I'm curious what your work looks like. Thanks!
      Good luck!

      Apr 3, 06 5:01 am  · 

      Dunno. Posting my work can taint the writing. The way my writing comes off can be altered by the "imagery" of my work in much the same way our perceptions of a text are altered once we see a picture of the author. However, at some point i figured i'd have to be accountable for the work, so I'm sure i'll finish off the log with a binge of photos.


      Apr 4, 06 5:08 am  · 

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