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    By Marlin
    Apr 6, '06 4:57 PM EST

    Work binge one.

    I'm edgy. I'm exhausted of documents. I'm tired. I haven't had time to devote to essays. I wierding out. There's two weeks left. This is catharsis. Someone asked for my work. Sure why not. Time for the fun. I'm typring into the entry window, not cutting and pasting from word. If i missspell, color it automatic. Unedited and i'll hesitate from doing so.Quotes because it seems like its talking. Images because they seemed sexxxy, and because i could make fum of them.

    "This was the final from first year. Something about two apatment occupants, and the apartments that occupied the alleyway between thier two buildings. The occupants entered from the opposing buildings, and the main design was in the circulation. I thought doors avearged 3'6" at the time. Carry a tapemeasure during architecture school."

    "This was fun. Second year, A section model of a house. We still hadnt taken structure."

    "Way way way too into Eisenman for a second year 2b student. Can they tell? Then i noticed the gypsum board and stucco on one too many an Eisenman building. Decon deprogramming began here."

    "A third year museum in Fresno. The outdoor courtyards worked, the museum blowed ass. The panels for this museum were the last set of hand-done presentation drawings i was ever gonna do, and i knew it. So, these were the last hurrah with mylar, paint, acetone, rapidograph and ink, shading film, transfer letters, pencil and charcoal. The nineties were over, but these were a fun farewell."

    "fourth year dwelling for lyceum. This concrete thing in the forest, large fallen sequoia trees hoisted into the air, post-tensioned, and allowed to sprout subsequent sequoias as a "mother log". Sooner or later, the thing would collapse, the pile would sprout more sequoias, but the concrete piles could be reinhabited. A romantic notion more than anything else."

    "Third year. A lotta people say in third year they do a project that feels for the first time like thier own progeny. I think this NOAA archives library was that. Curiously, the storage of this library was not books, but maps. Again, the splendor of hindsight, the library really blows: a big ramp that i remember had a lotta big talk behind it, but the ramp, the library, is just a double-loaded corridor. Nothing that demands such big talk, but I don't know that at the time. That's the fun. Jim Stafford, Greg Walsh, good project. Still kinda jock the facade. That's why its turned on its side."

    When the volume of the workload makes me ready to( **EDIT**) again, instead we'll trip down this memory lane again with another entry and more cathartic commentary.


    • moratto

      Great work, I would be proud.
      btw, many of us are going through the same shit.

      Apr 6, 06 6:02 pm  · 
      Ruby Lee

      hang in there. we're all rooting for you.

      Apr 6, 06 7:48 pm  · 

      how did you capture the last picture? i have 2 drawings that are too large for any conventional scanner. is that a light table underneath?
      btw: illwork

      Apr 6, 06 8:14 pm  · 

      thanks for the pics. That blue background is really intense on my monitor.
      What's going on with the lyceum images? Is that photoshop, or 3d?
      yeah...good work, funny commentary. My old work makes me cringe and smile at the same time.

      Apr 7, 06 5:35 am  · 

      Last night i got the blue screen of death during a CAD session. I paused, read the entire screen, and opted to reboot. Whatever's wrong is wron, and im fucked. I boot up, i'm fine. Why then is the text on the blue screen so morbid? Why does it say, "Initiating system memory purge. System purge of purge in process.Call someone. Fuck off."
      so, that's that.

      Moratto: yep. Like the side of the shirt it says, Architecture sucks.

      Ruby: Welcome. Cheerleaders are always helpful ;)

      Bright: The bottom is a scan of a large format photograph negative. I thought it would work, but the rendered detail wasn't sufficient. The graphic is cool. Truth is, i feel the best option is to directly scan your old drawings piecemeal. Most of the images on this post were captured this way. The tiling and the edge discolorations can be used to your advantage in order to highlight the fact that they are large hand drawings. Otherwise, the care we put into those drawings warrants the labor of tiling direct scans.With this method, the detail is infinite.

      10pm: both. FMZ with texture mapping and photoshop collage. Since ultimately with perspective images created from digital models the objective is more illustration than precision, some things are better faked as collage in photoshop than actually modeled. The horizontal logs were dummy cylinders in the digital model, then thier image and lighting was collaged over the dummies that holding the place of the logs, in photoshop. This collage impression of the real philosophy also includes large scale facades and entire projects.
      sorry about the blues.

      thank you


      Apr 7, 06 5:48 pm  · 

      Marlimar... I had the BSOD 2 weeks ago after a Digital Project incident with a license and registry clean on a reinstall. Took 4 days to get everything back. LAME. Excellent NOAA model :) I don't think I've ever built a wood model like that--maybe thesis. Boy, would that be "revolutionary".

      Apr 9, 06 11:13 pm  · 

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