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    Appendix vii: Appropriation

    By Marlin
    Dec 7, '05 7:51 AM EST


    • French

      I'm going to llok stupid again, but what does this sign means?

      Dec 7, 05 9:19 am

      Awesome, you even got the Icy Hot Stunnaz in there!

      Dec 7, 05 9:32 am

      Is this the gang blog, or the school blog, or the lame ass white boy blog?

      Dec 7, 05 9:37 am

      raji, you never disappoint expectations, do you?
      french, it means WESSSIDE!
      you might wanna google:
      dr dre
      death row records etc.
      (although here it might mean WAAAATSON)

      Dec 7, 05 11:09 am

      Obsessive Documentation

      Dec 7, 05 11:34 am

      Apparently it stands for [url=
      ]Wiggar[/url] or weak...

      Dec 7, 05 11:34 am


      Dec 7, 05 11:35 am

      it was just a joke bigness, i thought the collage was sweet.

      Dec 7, 05 11:51 am

      eehe, sorry raji, i missunderstood. if it's a joke use ---> :)!

      Dec 7, 05 12:40 pm

      what does that gesture mean? That might ultimately be the question the project confronts. Does it still mean what its implied meaning is?

      What exactly is a lame ass whiteboy? Raji, while meant as a joke, the question is still pertinent. If this collage is only a tenth of the final total of photos collected from the internet, what does it say about the gesture as it's most often deployed in culture? How has the meaning of the gesture transgressed over time? who's taking the gesture seriously and who isn't? Are they spoofing eachother?

      Havent we all taken that photo?

      ~marlin watson

      Dec 7, 05 7:34 pm
      The Thriller in Manila

      I said it Before and I will say it again


      Jan 10, 06 1:57 am

      ...please don't say that. A mental condition i can only loosely describe only by using a term another archinecter used in a discussion on the same topic has surfaced: archinect burnout.
      Being so "exposed" has unexpected responsibilities attached to it. Trying to write something more akin to a newspaper column as opposed to a Livejournal is, well, exposing. It is more self evaluation than i expected, to be so exposed. And to be so timely and punctual about one's own exposure. Aslo, topically, archinect blogs will always have to be different than a blogspot.
      Additionally, i know deep down i am the furthest thing from a par representation of a "SCIArc" student. For example: I get dry heaves before i have to sit down to CAD and i have no idea how the CNC machine works. But like it or not, keeping a school blog through archinect means that the writer becomes a school spokesman for the curious reader. While SCIArc is the most supportive place for someone like me whose interests are generally off on a different planet, what might be considered the current direction of SCIArc is scarcely ever represented in my work. This may or may not have consequences when you might become the unintended spokesman for the goings-on at an institution (I should add, keeping this blog allowed me to meet Stve Fuchs, and he really is as he is in his blog: a really genuine individual, remarkably nice guy. SCIArc is fortunate to have in Steve, intended or not, a solid student and individual as an unintended spokesman. Seriously. People should come to SCIArc if only to meet Steve.) I am so much a me it seems that keeping a log under the guise of SCIArc at times started to feel irresponsible. And also I'm not the kind of person to initiate my own blog.
      So, you should know TM that your comment was oddly heartfelt and really, well, encouraging. Ultimately I'm sure all we bloggers try to write these for the pleasure of strangers, and so a declaration of 'best' from anyone might be enough for me to reconsider a final post, and i genuinely appreciate it. So thank you

      ~marlin watson

      Jan 10, 06 7:31 pm

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