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    By Marlin
    Jul 13, '05 9:14 PM EST

    Peeps The HDH sits in the underground garage and I lease the tiniest plastic Chevy. The motor revs with a whistle similar to a Radio Shack RC car servo. As much as I hate the HDH, I miss the throttle of a Kawasaki engine. The Chevy can parallel park anywhere.


    Paper Champ The peeps dragged me out this weekend. Friday night I meet up with Pearl Girl at the Avalon off Hollywood and Vine, and take advantage of another gracious plus one for the Brazilian Girls show. Female crooner blew up the spot, big beats and showmanship to boot. Pearl Girl and I get toasty over Ketel Ones and meet up with Pearl's journalist friends at El Carmen on 3rd and Crescent Heights. Mexican wrestlers velvet posters, burlesque and lucha libre, beer batter fish tacos and beer.


    Parking Patrol Deo swings by Saturday for dinner and the Esthero show at the Avalon off Hollywood and Vine. Odd. A few months prior Deo was deep in a broadcast design project sucking away his free time meager wealth. Conversating with Deo, It was clear he was proud of the project. DVD menu design for “Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Saturday before dinner Deo threw the final press in the DVD player. Fucker's got every reason to be proud.

    Pearl Girl Design Studio riverfront housing. The studio project has taken an unusual turn. Per the SCIArc trial results, the land parcels in the “front” of SCIArc have been fenced off completely, and the main entrance to SCIArc has moved to the “back”, including access to the remaining strip of land adjacent to the “front”. Thus, front becomes back. SCIArc, back to the front, again.

    Parity Price It appears my relationship with Pearl Girl has evolved into dating. Nevertheless, I yuk it up all night with a sister of a friend of hers whose wit rivals Rosen. Pearl glares at me, candidly jealous. In the back of my mind is the aching impulse to get this sister and Rosen together.

    Panther Piss Film class juried midreview this coming Tuesday. Croquet for Beginners and Extra Wide Laces. Inaba would prefer I not show the five minute flick of light and clouds passing over the middle of nowhere basketball court. I agree.

    Peace Process Deo's animated menus and smooth transitions between sequences. I hate the computer. The Lemony Snicket sequences are an After Effects tour de guerre. Deo rocked the spot, killed em with style. Deo's menus for the Band of Brother's box set get pushed to second place. I throw in The Insider menu, both to piss him off and demonstrate how much he's excelled in six years. We stroll over to Esthero and scotch. Crooner blew it up. Brazilian girls and Esthero. These, these are live shows.


    Pikestaff Plain SCIArc back to the front. In my initial planning sketches of the riverfront scheme, I have a big circle around this area of the proposed nieghborhood labeled, “Dead Space”. A section of the program requires student housing, but with the fate of the proposed student housing in the now rear of SCIArc in jeopardy, the speculative proposal for student housing in our projects essentially creates an entire campus, as opposed to an addendum to the proposed “campus”. In some senses, the studio project takes on a rather surreal significance: supposing SCIArc owned its building, consider a campus plan in the air rights above the adjacent railroad station. The turn of events in the real world has forced Kappe studio to reconfigure its planning strategies.

    Pen and Pad Record no pause Inaba film class.Twelve minutes of myself lacing a fat lace into one Adidas Gazelle. And it goes a little something like this: I sit on a stool detached from a backpack, a turntable camera left. I simultaneously play RUN DMCs My Adidas on both sides of a 45. Academic exercise above a popcorn flick for sure. Editing a documentary and additionally pulling a story from footage is draining, so I opt to do realtime locked off interludes between films. Editing process tossed in the trash, direction and narrative become my mean monkeys.

    Petal House My ever evolving bigass gluegun model and pile of trace. Kappe seems pleased with the headway in my scheme, and often diverts to comment on the freehand drawings. Kappe appreciates them, though I speculate this is not a critique on their quality, but rather on their infrequent occurence nowadays. Eventually I'm sure I'll feel comfortable enough to begin posting progress. Kaplan on vacation in Alaska. I'm sure an Inuit is clowning on his straw hats and adoption of the title, “SCIArc Embed”.

    Parallel Port Jambmaster Jay Vanos. Crumple paper, interrogate the structure, make it stand up, because if that goes unanswered, the rest of this computer crap is just that. In each Moss monograph, Jay occupies a little corner all to himself on the Project Credits page. Deservedly so. Jambmaster Jay discovered CAD constructed a parabolic curve from a complex subtractive process improperly, and thus had to revert to drafting descriptive geometry inside CAD in order to properly calculate the true resultant arc. We're all very, very small. I'll save DD updates for another post.



    • bigness

      very nice piece of impressionist writing. how does your phenomenological approach wprk at sci-arc?

      Jul 14, 05 10:28 am  · 
      Israel Kandarian

      don't forget "playground thug"...

      Jul 15, 05 10:33 am  · 

      PROD NOTE:
      phenomenological approach: next post
      playground thug: your past will always giggle at you. The hair on my arms stands up.

      Jul 15, 05 12:24 pm  · 

      Jay used to teach a descriptive geometry class and the stuff in there was mind bending. DD with him was a great class- I'd sit down with him and go over my nutty project and he know how to make the damn thing work. Every time that class would pin up (this was during the gilded age of Beethoven Street) people would turn up to see the blueprints at the end of the quarter, some were just beautiful. I always remember that class when I'm working on a set of really dry drawings and tell myself that there is no reason the drawings can't be beautiful AND communicate.

      For chrissakes, the guy invented an underwater camera housing when he was a teenager so he could shoot photos while he surfed.

      Jul 17, 05 12:25 pm  · 

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