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    By Marlin
    May 15, '06 6:36 AM EST

    Keep reading, because this is the very end, and there's more archiporn at the other end. A-L The Archinect blog poses a predicament: my finale, my circus sendoff, my epilogue, also serves as a preface and a tease. Even more disposing personally, I know this sentence, this last first preface, is... View full entry

  • Appendix x: Aggregation

    By Marlin
    Apr 26, '06 2:57 PM EST

    Heartbeat a Design The morning after a final review, over a cup of coffee, the body is still tense, still worked up. The marathon of the nights prior leave behind the residue of anxiety about the work: why do I have time to drink coffee? Isn't there something I'm supposed to do now? Is that it?... View full entry

  • K

    By Marlin
    Apr 19, '06 6:15 AM EST

    Kaput This cathartic net search for images was inspired by a segment on NPR's Design and Architecture show earlier today about student and faculty experiences while they attended signature architecture high schools, like Morphosis' Diamond Ranch. I was curious about the idea of student snapshots... View full entry

  • H

    By Marlin
    Apr 6, '06 4:57 PM EST

    Work binge one. I'm edgy. I'm exhausted of documents. I'm tired. I haven't had time to devote to essays. I wierding out. There's two weeks left. This is catharsis. Someone asked for my work. Sure why not. Time for the fun. I'm typring into the entry window, not cutting and pasting from word. If i... View full entry

  • Appendix ix: Punctuation

    By Marlin
    Apr 2, '06 12:21 PM EST

  • G

    By Marlin
    Mar 31, '06 6:18 PM EST

    Dear Brad: Welcome G! If architecture had a Variety magazine, this would be our full page ad! Also, our studio is hosting Fridays@5 this evening. Please consider stopping by for the free mohitos and bonfires. We're waiting to formally tell you in person that your're already a welcome addition to... View full entry

  • D

    By Marlin
    Mar 13, '06 1:06 PM EST

    Thems lotsa words. Enjoy. -MWDeparture I finally borrowed a Crash Academy screener DVD. Crash stole the best picture Academy Award from pretty much everyone else nominated. For 11 million, the movie is a well orchestrated production, but I don't think how well someone performs under a budget... View full entry

  • S

    By Marlin
    Mar 2, '06 10:49 AM EST

    Above: The first of two short films on Miami, this first film was made prior to our studio visit to Miami. The Assignment's constraint, naturally, was that only appropriated footage could be used for the film. This film depicts a deserted Miami by using only a series of subtly manipulated still... View full entry

  • W

    By Marlin
    Dec 7, '05 8:02 AM EST

  • Appendix vii: Appropriation

    By Marlin
    Dec 7, '05 7:51 AM EST

  • LL

    By Marlin
    Oct 24, '05 11:02 AM EST

    La Llauna More akin to Morcheeba than Portishead. The elephant of a ringtone keeps blowing up and no one wants to address it. So, Eric Owen Moss continues right on with the discussion. The line between ringtone and theme music is permanently smudged. Every leader needs theme music.Lampin cold cold... View full entry

  • L

    By Marlin
    Oct 8, '05 6:45 PM EST

    Here Dangerous Water The point of Perry Kulper may ultimately be a kind of confusion. Studio has never been about precisely defined projects. Again, if it were, perhaps studio would be an engineering course. So then, how do studio professors teach? Why is it so easy to be lost or, rather, why do... View full entry

  • Index

    By Marlin
    Sep 17, '05 12:15 AM EST

    “Token: Noun, an instance of a linguistic expression, an outward sign or expression.” - 2005 “It is obvious that [Peter Eisenman's 1970s architectural] practice must be something... View full entry

  • appendix v: muted trumpet

    By Marlin
    Sep 9, '05 9:25 AM EST

  • LA

    By Marlin
    Sep 6, '05 7:45 AM EST

    LaBranche Witold Rybczynski, in 1995's City Life, cites the LA river as the thing which gives the standardized grid of LA's street plan a sense of poetic character. The ability of the river to fracture and cut apart the grid, adds a poetry to the planning found normally only when the systemic grid... View full entry

  • B for B-side

    By Marlin
    Sep 3, '05 8:37 PM EST

    PS. Congratulations Ali. I'm certain this has something to do with Poonam. Very good news View full entry

  • K for Kappe House

    By Marlin
    Sep 3, '05 7:34 AM EST

    Professor Ray Kappe House. Now you know.Added: A wonderful anecdote about a Kappe House visit from the U of Toronto weblog (see bottom). View full entry

  • M for Movie

    By Marlin
    Aug 25, '05 6:22 PM EST

    Magnificent Montague�this one�s a curious one. As far as posting the rest of my final work, I�m content spending this first part of my vacation with my thumb in my rear... View full entry

  • dictated@11:21 081505

    By Marlin
    Aug 15, '05 2:24 PM EST

    Good: I'm an uncle to my first niece! Bad: Take a pick from the litter, though its all routine stress. View full entry

  • Dictated@21:07 080905

    By Marlin
    Aug 10, '05 12:16 AM EST

  • S html

    By Marlin
    Aug 2, '05 3:23 PM EST

    “For most of us, design is invisible. Until it fails.” - Bruce Mau, Massive Change Double and I often meet to watch bad movies-very bad movies. Straight to video mostly, any box office turd. Better stated, I will have witnessed some travesty to filmmaking and force Double to... View full entry

  • appendix iii

    By Marlin
    Aug 2, '05 2:58 PM EST

  • appendix i

    By Marlin
    Jul 31, '05 5:46 PM EST

    a. "Figure 12: The Sinestre" b. The Playground Thug View full entry

  • P

    By Marlin
    Jul 13, '05 9:14 PM EST

    Peeps The HDH sits in the underground garage and I lease the tiniest plastic Chevy. The motor revs with a whistle similar to a Radio Shack RC car servo. As much as I hate the HDH, I miss the throttle of a Kawasaki engine. The Chevy can parallel park anywhere. Paper Champ The peeps dragged me out... View full entry

  • 00

    By Marlin
    Jul 8, '05 12:16 PM EST

    ED NOTE: it was brought to my attention that no title screws up the linkage in some browsers. Apologies when mandated. Also, the quality of my cell phone photos is beginning to bother even me. I dust off the Lomo and use the video for a still. Enjoy. Also, and this will be the one time I ask, cue... View full entry

  • N

    By Marlin
    Jul 4, '05 6:47 PM EST

    Three Kings: Hector Rios 1990, Jimmy Jam, Ray Kappe Nunya Worry Coincident threads within Archinect. I'm at the all school meeting The Day After. In my blog, in the threads, I say nothing about the uneasy atmosphere at SCIArc following the trial. Three times a week for the past eight weeks I see... View full entry

  • M

    By Marlin
    Jul 2, '05 8:00 AM EST

  • AK

    By Marlin
    Jun 24, '05 4:24 AM EST

    Available Jones Are you for real? I just want to get coffee, sir, this past Tuesday evening officer, sir. Please? Nope. Some woman is doing donuts outside your apartment. Up Higland, Franklin, down Las Palmas, Hollywood, up Orange, and around again. Over and over. Bronx Cheer Double hangs out in... View full entry

  • ABC

    By Marlin
    Jun 19, '05 7:31 PM EST

    An open letter A few passerbys have left posts. Judging by the general subject matter of Archinect commentary, I expected any casual comments on my blog to fall along the same lines. The comments have all referred to the quality of writing, a humbling anomaly. I was curious about this endeavor... View full entry

  • P-V

    By Marlin
    Jun 13, '05 10:31 AM EST

    Panasonicvision A croquet tournament at the Hollyhock house: this offers tremendous freedom. The location makes beautiful motion photography an afterthought. The distance from the street makes diamond studded audio. And, a bunch of arbitrary folks are showing up in Sunday whites and flapper... View full entry

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