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    appendix iii

    By Marlin
    Aug 2, '05 2:58 PM EST


    • Marlin that was the best thing I've read all week.

      Aug 2, 05 3:49 pm  · 

      I love this blog. But this is an appendix. Does that mean it's ending - how many appendices can there be?

      How long does it take to craft a blog like this? Do you write it and then do some fiddling, chopping up and piecing back together?

      Aug 2, 05 7:35 pm  · 

      how: considering changing the writing format for the final weeks. Getting over my 'bummedness' fooling around with graphic changeups in the log. b-sides, alternate takes, into appendices. Interludes.

      Two, three more. Please enjoy. Otherwise, please feel free to write if anyone feels they deserve a refund. I'm more than willing to pay up.

      Someone make sure Ali Jevanjee has the new Common album. And the new Little Brother album. Thank you.


      Aug 4, 05 6:15 pm  · 

      And that same someone, please tell Ali Jeevanjee KDAY is back on the air in 50,000 watts of FM.


      Aug 4, 05 6:17 pm  · 

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