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    By Marlin
    Dec 7, '05 8:02 AM EST


    • Marlin
      Non/Creative Writing
      Mondays at 7pm, Fall 2005
      Instructor: Bruna Mori

      Syllabus (subject to modification)

      NonCreative writing is a creative writing workshop. You will respond to or manipulate nonfiction texts or sources that already exist, or use formulas to extend the possibilities of your own writing. A research paper or object may literally be cut to pieces to revise it or describe its disassembly. Architecture may serve as a prompt for a fairy tale. A computer manual may be transformed into sonnets (manually, or into a screenplay through software.) Writers who employ such techniques will visit. There will be a lot to learn about accidents and chance, and their historical contexts, but also about process and authorship; storytelling and reportage; mapping and forms.

      Thursday 9.14 5pm
      The Third Mind
      In Class: Consider the Obsessive Documentation
      of Kenneth Goldsmith, and the Dada-influenced cut-ups of William Burroughs and Brion Gyson

      Assigment: Complete the cut-ups, and decide on what to document obsessively this semester.

      Thursday 12.1
      Architecture fictions
      In Class: Present your final works, the remade fairy tale and an excerpt from your obsessive documentation.

      Thursday 12.1v.45pm
      In Class: Present your journaling / documentation; present or publish the compendium.
      Dec 7, 05 8:07 am  · 
      vado retro

      an original idea...fifty years ago.

      Dec 7, 05 4:52 pm  · 

      indeed retro. Teaching history is so September 10th.

      ~marlin watson

      Dec 7, 05 7:22 pm  · 

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