Richmond, VA


Virginia Military Institute Corps Physical Training Facilities

Baskervill and TMP Architecture, a national, award-winning sports and recreation design firm based in Detroit, Michigan, are collaborating on this preliminary concept for Virginia Military Institute.

The team is providing architecture, engineering and interior design services with a focus on sustainable strategies. Inclusive of extensive renovation to Cormack Hall and historic Cocke Hall for corps athletics, the design approach incorporates complete re-programming and systems upgrades, while preserving and restoring the historic nature of the exteriors. Construction will be completed under two phases -- one for each building, totaling nearly 35 months. Both buildings are targeted for LEED Silver certification.

The project comprises approximately 133,000 square feet over both buildings, with a construction budget of $30 million. The project team completed an intensive seven-week design development phase for review by the State of Virginia where both buildings were modeled extensively in Revit to provide exceptionally detailed documents. The team included both a cost estimating firm, as well as an independent cost estimator, to ensure this fast-track project came in at the owner's budget. This was especially important as the project is phased over a long period, necessitating cost escalations be built in up-front.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Lexington, VA, US
Additional Credits: TMP Architects