Richmond, VA


The Diamond

The City of Richmond was in dire need of a new baseball stadium to accommodate the Triple-A minor league baseball affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, the Richmond Braves, who played at The Diamond from 1985-2008.

Baskervill was selected to design the new ball park, which replaced the aging Parker Field, located on Boulevard. The Diamond seats 12,134 people and opened in 1985. The construction is poured in place cast concrete with precast match cast concrete stadium and roof structure. The facility is designed to house all of the back-of-thehouse operations on the lower level of the stadium, with fans entering at ground level and moving to upper levels, giving them immediate access to the baseball diamond and the stadium. At the time, The Diamond was the first stadium to utilize this technique of separating fans from services in the International League. The stadium was designed with box seats, stadium steading, and sky boxes, which was innovative at the time for the league. Currently home to the Flying Squirrels (Eastern League), the stadium is still in use today, thriving as one of Richmond's popular sports venues.

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Status: Built
Location: Richmond, VA, US